“Adopt A CSR”

Let's Go Trinidad and Tobago is an independent travel and lifestyle company. We raise awareness for local travel and lifestyle. We advocate for travel with a purpose via conscious experiences for tourists and business through corporate social responsibility. Our rebrand to "Travel With A Purpose" - Reset, Renew and Realign encourages those aligned with our vision and values to be socially accountable for making a positive impact on society via "Adopt a CSR."

Our current focus is to assist organizations to be the change. Companies can be the hero by working within their organization to create the impact they wish to see in the wider society. We recognize the need for a solution in a society that has been battered physically, emotionally and mentally by this merciless pandemic.

In an effort to solve some of these challenges we have embarked on our own journey to collaborate with companies to provide purpose driven experiences. Our intention is to help build a more mindfully fit community in our society. We work with companies to offer immersive life coaching experiences.

We realize that employees contribute significantly to the success factor and culture of any business. We also understand that tourists are more conscious of who they do business with and why. It is imperative that they engage with brands that are genuinely socially accountable. The integration of mental health and wellness in business is just one of the many solutions aligned with corporate social responsibility. Whilst implementation requires strategic execution by professionals who have the expertise, experience and passion to do so, it is critical that these strategies align with business values and their vision.

At Lets Go TT our "Adopt a CSR" is for any business and or tourist who truly wants to make a difference and benefit from improving company morale, increasing brand awareness via collaboration, building trust and relationships, impacting staff and society positively via experiences, facilitating the learning of lifelong skills in checking in and checking up on self, aspiring to inspire and transform the lives of others, developing self-esteem, establishing an identification with a sense of belonging and creating unforgettable memories that last a lifetime!