Here are a few answers to the most common questions our customers have when considering us for their next fashion adventure.

How do I book?

The booking process starts when you send an email to us with your inquiry. We send you a brochure of our latest fashion tour/event and you decide if you wish to make the booking. Rates are negotiated depending on the group size. You are invoiced once you make the booking. There is a cancellation fee for clients who cancel their booking.

If I am a creative and I would like to be a featured designer what do I do?

You can send us a portfolio of your work. We will review and screen you. We will also send you our marketing package as designers/creatives pay a fee to be part of the designer cast. Once you qualify based on the screening and once you agree to our terms, conditions and fee we can take it from there.

Do you do private tours?

Of course! Send us an inquiry of what you have in mind and we can set up a free consultation and work from there to make your fashion adventure awesome!