10 Reasons you need a #ttfashioncation in your life this Christmas!

Oh Christmas that time of the year when the air is a bit cold as Jack Frost’s is hunting down our far away Winter neighbours. In Trinidad,while we may be lucky to have our bake and shark at Maracas and eat it too this season is just as tumultuous! A Trini Christmas experience has similar gaiety and angst as we frolic around the house cleaning, decorating, cooking and the fashionistas begin stalking the shops to discover great finds to give the gift of fashion to someone or themselves!!!!!!! Does this sound familiar? You better get the girlfriends together and read this!

10 Reasons you need to pack up and get here on the next flight asap!

1. Duty Free Shopping

You so need to stop thinking about those crowded stores and long lines for Christmas! Do it duty free style this year. Start a new Christmas trend. Here is a nifty list for you to check out when you get here!




2. Shopping Markets

Hey this is the new hang out! The new place to meet up with old friends, make new friends, discover unique gifts, locally crafted with value to suit your pockets.



the shop normandie

3. Designer Boutiques

Oooh if you are like me and swoon for chic island luxury then a few boutique stops will be on your list too!





4. Island Accommodation

Let Trinidad and Tobago sweep you off your feet with our warm hospitality and tropical charm during your stay with us. Oh by the way where are you staying again? You can check these out! one of these has an amazing sea view while the other has the only revolving restaurant in the Caribbean!



magdalena res

5. Trini Christmas

While you are here on the shopping extravaganza of your lifetime feel free to partake in our festivities!!! Here’s is one festival that captures the spirit of a true Trini Christmas. This includes food, parang music and a fabulous time!



6. Christmas Villages

I’m sure you all have them too but ours is a bit different! You can enjoy more shopping with lots and lots of Christmas Village exhibits throughout the country. Here’s a popular one in the link below!



7. Island Glitz and Glam

Come on the new year is so tomorrow and while you are here I highly recommend you get your glitz and glam fix from our certified personal stylists, hair gurus and make up artists! Let the transformation begin!



8. Trinidad Fashion History

Of course every destination has a story to tell and so does Trinidad. Pick up a copy of A Spirited Butterfly by Rosemary Stone and get comfy with your beach chair while you tan, lounge and learn all about the struggles, success stories and strife of a nation that aspires to be the premier fashion destination in the Caribbean.



9. Fashion Design

Get interactive! No not online! Right here in Trinidad you can get inspired, be creative and design  your own fashion pieces or take a workshop from one or two or more of our many designers.



10. Online Shopping

Oh yea so after you have found your favourite fashion and shopping items you are standing at the airport all teary eyed waiting on your flight. Now that the trip in the warm tropics with the happy sunshine people is over you can rest assured your shopping needs are covered by a local online shopping fashion-preneur and  stylist Stephanie Ramlogan of No More Fashion Victims Inc.



We wish you a fashionable Christmas and a fabulous holiday!

From all of us at Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago!!!