A Fashionista’s Summer – #fashiontourtt

On  Saturday 29th August 2015 Trinidad will experience a fashion tour. The tour is being hosted by the sole proprietorship,  Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago.  This company is in the business of branding and promoting a Trinidad and Tobago ethos via creative design in fashion, food, frivolity, fun, travel & tourism.  The sole proprietor’s aim is to be a pioneer in innovation and design by improving lifestyles with impressions that last. The tour is part and parcel of the company’s aim to diversify the Trinidad tourism product and promote a niche tourism concept called creative tourism.

Creative tourism has been defined by Richards and Raymond ( 2000 ) as ” tourism which offers visitors the opportunity to develop their creative potential through active participation in learning experiences which are characteristic of the holiday destination where they are undertaken.” The fashion tour is under the purview of creative tourism. The clustering of industries such as the travel and tourism industry, the creative industry, the food and beverage as well as other commercial industries were strategically clustered to foster this product creation and economic linkages in Trinidad.



The primary target market for this tour is the new tourist whether that person is a stay over tourist or an expat in Trinidad. This person is interested in experiencing more than sun, sea and sand. The new tourist attracted to this product fancies a sense of belonging, identity, creating and taking back something with them, a sense of identity, a sense of community, increased self esteem. The secondary market is aimed at the domestic tourist and the Trinidad and Tobago diaspora who are keen on the Trinidad lifestyle. The market may include fashion buyers, fashion students and even creatives.

This is the first tour since the prototype tour in November 2014. Again, Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago felt that preference should be given to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago for the tour. Hence, the marketing campaign was heavily geared towards them as there was a feeling of not wanting the locals to feel ostracized in their home country. Other foreign entities were also approached similarly to the previous prototype tour.


The tour features  major fashion game changers in the Trinidad fashion industry landscape. The tour starts at 10:00 a.m. at Simply Runway at Grand Bazaar. An interactive styling session will be completed there with participants and local socialite, stylist and fashionpreneur Stephanie Ramlogan. Simply Runway’s owner, Candice Baccus is significant to the tour. She is the first fashion boutique to host rent free spaces for local designer graduates from the Caribbean Academy for Fashion and Design at The University of Trinidad and Tobago. She also accommodates stylist internships for emerging stylist graduates from the same university.

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Stephanie Ramlogan who will execute the styling segment has her contribution to the fashion climate too. She is a known fashion blogger for No More Fashion Victims and a contributory writer for the Guyanese owned fashion blog; The Online Runway by Ashma John. In addition, No More Fashion Victims is also the premier local designer e-commerce store in Trinidad.



The next stop is Blue Basin  at The Cruise Ship Complex in Port of Spain. En route to Blue Basin  the tour guide, a travel and tourism student will engage the patrons in an interactive game on Trinidad’s fashion history. On arrival at  the first Caribbean designer department store patrons will indulge in  festivities with  Jessel Brizan, designer and owner of Blue Basin. He celebrates the store’s one year anniversary in fine style. There will be discounted shopping, complimentary wine, hors d’oeurves, a live deejay and more activities. Jessel Brizan was a lecturer at the Caribbean Academy for Fashion and Design. He will be discussing his creative process with the group and inviting them to open discussions on creative design with him and some other designers that are featured at his store.



The next stop is Woodbrook at designer atelier, Charu Lochan Dass. Charu was born in India and raised in Trinidad. She has been in retail for several years which added significant experience to her designer studies from the London College of Fashion. She has showcased her designer collections in New York, Amsterdam, Canada and Ibiza. Some of her designer pieces are also available in Ibiza for purchase. She will offer guests insight to her creative business and the creative process as well as introduce them to designer retail therapy. CLD will also provide patrons with refreshing fruit kebabs.

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The final stop is at creative designer Shaunelle Ramesar’s studio also in Woodbrook. Shaunelle is Trinidadian but has spent much of her childhood frequenting St. Vincent where she was exposed to more Caribbean craft culture. She was on scholarship in Italy and pursued studies in design. She now focuses on creating bespoke designs exclusively for the bridal industry. She also dabbles in fashion accessory designs. Shaunelle’s work has been featured in Italy’s Vogue magazine. She also enjoys designing for an international clientele. She is only available via appointment. Patrons will get her take on creative design and tour her studio.

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The tour then returns to Grand Bazaar and patrons disembark the tour bus. Persons wishing to gain some more information on the tour can visit the event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/863238693750368/ or send an email to letsgotrinidadandtobago@gmail.com

A very BIG thank you

to all

designers, stylists, fashionpreneurs and stakeholders

the fashion tour would not be possible

without you!