About Us


Our Mission

Let's Go Trinidad and Tobago is an independent travel and lifestyle company. Our mission is to promote Trinidad and Tobago as the leading destination for those who seek to travel with a purpose. Our soulful initiatives encourage tourists to travel to our destination to reset, renew, realign.

Our Vision

Our renewed vision is to be a pioneer in the innovation and design of the travel and lifestyle industry by being a catalyst for change.


Our Values

"It's not what you do but why you do it."

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

"Be patient with yourself because good things take time."

"Be kind to yourself but remember to look out for each other."

"Live intentionally, if your actions do not come from a place of love don't do it."

"Be mindful of your energy  because what you project is what will reflect."

"Integrity, transparency, honesty, empathy, respect and loyalty."

people in water

Our Approach

The local travel, tourism, creative and lifestyle stakeholders have always been at the heart of our brand. We have been supportive of local small business via brand awareness campaigns, advocacy and bespoke events over the years.  We were able to align our initiatives with our intentions to stimulate economic interest, diversification, linkages, a sense of belonging, self esteem, national pride and the multiplier effect in the destination. We remain rooted in our commitment to the people of the destination. As we mature in our rebrand to travel with a purpose, it is our hope to strengthen ties to our pre-existing stakeholder community whilst welcoming new beginnings with others on this multifaceted journey.

"Travel with a purpose," translates to a way of life which we recognize as intentional living. The post pandemic tourist is proactive in their approach to life. They have a vested interest in holistic health and wellness, self care, mindfulness and authentic experiences that engage and empower them. There are many ways to live a purposeful life in destination, Trinidad and Tobago. Tourist support for local small business is chief among the plethora of choices. Travelers can choose to engage with fashion designers, creative entrepreneurs and experience entrepreneurs, just to name a few.  We welcome tourists to the destination where shopping is a breeze and the perfect gift is handmade with that local signature of love.

Island time offers guests the opportunity to release and let the island heal them. Locally, there is growing respect for striking the right balance among the triad of body, mind and soul. The proof is in the multitude of healing experiences within Trinidad and Tobago. The destination is one of the best kept secrets in the Southern Caribbean to reset, renew and realign.  Purpose travelers can look forward to island therapy that soothes the soul and awakens their consciousness.