Abraham’s Grill Hut; Central’s Flyover Favourite

We have all become familiar with the international franchises and their family food restaurants. But I don’t think they excite us as much as our locally owned outlets like Abraham’s Grill Hut. My trip to Abraham’s  always happens at the second franchise situated near Munroe Road flyover. Families couples, friends almost anybody who appreciates quality food  visit this place frequently. Hence, it is almost always cramped for parking space.


The kaleidoscope of green, orange and white keep the vibrant ambiance far from sterile. The menu boards look just as appetizing as the food. Even though the food is cooked in front of you the menu allows your imagination to stir as you begin to create your own images of what their grilled fish, jerk chicken, pasta, specialty dishes or  quesadillas may look and taste  like when you order.

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If you are like me you would never make up your mind and stall in the line undecided for hours wondering which one shall be tried first. Of course,  I always end up ordering one thing then wanting another dish or their decadent smoothies and desserts. However, I am never disappointed with my choice. The quality and quantity for value of money is amazing. The service is warm and friendly and the surroundings are always clean. It is definitely “a soon come back”  for me.