Ambrosia Nectar Cafe

Ambrosia Nectar Cafe is a whole food and organic cafe located at units 1 and 2 at #58 Old Southern Main Road Chaguanas (in the pink and cream mini mall that you see on the right side of the highway just after Brentwood if you are in the north bound lane on the Solomon Hochoy Highway heading to Port of Spain or further north of Chaguanas). You can call them at 1.868.289.5289 or 1.868.299.6242 for more directions (call way in advance if you are one of those drivers who needs to get their “waze” bearings right). They are conveniently opened from Monday to Friday at 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturdays at 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. as well as Sundays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Ambrosia Nectar Cafe is hidden in plain sight. It is quaintly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city of Chaguanas and its environs.

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(Photo Credit: Ambrosia Nectar Cafe)

I believe they were trying to translate the concept of organic and wholefood into the design of their store. I must say this was accomplished. They upcycled old school furniture like desks and chairs and set them as dining pieces to create a rustic look in their store. They twisted this rustic look with some clean, contemporary white washed walls and minimalism designs in shelving for their wide variety of teas and decor. Scented candles adorn tables and  soften the ambience. Behind the counter the menu on the wall is a vintage chalk board and the coffee machines also take on this look. I am not a coffee drinker but the smell emanating from those coffee pots sent warm and happy vibes to my soul.The booster shot of euphoria for me came from the Jazzy tunes that echoed from their music system. (This stirred up lots of old but blissful memories for me of my best days reading poetry whilst waiting for my order to be filled at one of the inner booths in the British themed Cricketer’s Pub at Sandals Royal Caribbean.)

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(Photo Credit: Ambrosia Nectar Cafe)

Ambrosia Nectar Cafe is a new kid on the food block. Just as the name indicates they are a whole food and organic cafe. So obviously they offer cafe type items; wraps, soups, sandwiches, salads, organic juices, smoothies, teas, pastas and desserts. If you are suffering from Celiac, leaky gut, IBS or any  type of digestive disorder that requires you to be on a specific diet then Ambrosia Nectar Cafe is your haven (especially those of us who struggle to find the time and zeal to go the extra mile to “do it yourself” in the kitchen or those who would go out and not be able to enjoy much meal options due to debilitating health conditions). Overall the cafe is kept clean and tidy. There are not many persons on their service staff. I figure because they are new and this is a niche type of food service there is not much need to have more staff on hand. I must say though the hostess was very friendly and competent in her service delivery. I visited them in the afternoon so things were quite slow.

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(Photo Credit: Ambrosia Nectar Cafe)

The price to portion sizes vary.  Their prices are comparable with other restaurants and cafes so I will let them off on this one. If you are buying soup  though try not to go “West Indian” on them. Even though Ambrosia Nectar Cafe is set in Trinidad their soups are more the American and French versions. This means the soup you order resembles a puree and not the fish broth, corn soup or provision chicken soup that you are accustomed to having at home or at your favourite local soup kitchen. Also do not ‘cuss’ them out because a small is just under the rim and large means the same take away soup cup is then filled to the brim. They are new and they are learning so hopefully they will catch on and if not and the public is comfortable with paying the difference in prices for not much of a difference then so be it.


(Photo Credit: Ambrosia Nectar Cafe)

I would definitely be going back to visit them. My few tips for you before you visit are as follows. If you love vintage, new experiences, new food or you have an obsession with clean eating and you live the eco chic lifestyle then this is probably a place you may like to spend your brunch, lunch or dinner. It is great for couples who want to experience something differently and enjoy a romantic dinner with the scene already set. It is a great hangout spot for girlfriends and the family. If you are a mother who is particularly fond of introducing your children to a healthier diet then this is also the place for you. Entrepreneurs can also plan their meetings here as the energy and space is a perfect mix to allow conversation and ideas to flow.

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(Photo Credit: Ambrosia Nectar Cafe)

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