Baked Empanada (gluten free)

Baked Empanada (gluten free)

(20 -24 empanadas)

  • 4 green plantain
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp sea salt

plantain empanada

1. Peel plantains
2. Use 3 plantains; chop them and boil for 45 minutes(big enough chunks to grate or small enough to process if you have a power food processor)
3. Allow to cool before you process or grate
4. The fourth uncooked plantain can be grated while you wait for the other 3 to cool
5. Strain off excess water in the cooked, cooled plantain
6. Grate or process it
7. Add salt and oil to the processed and cooled plantain
8. Mix in the fourth raw and grated plantain
9. Form a dough in the shape of a huge ball
10. Allow to rest for half hour
11. Find your fillings ( I used curried chip chip, flavoured tuna and cheese)
12. Pinch off a ball the size of your hand or smaller
13. Roll out dough into a round flat shape
14. Add about a teaspoon of filling (enough to allow the empanada to be sealed)
15. Fold the flat shape in half bringing the empanada to close
16. Seal the empanada with a fork
17. You can moisten your hands and dough with a little water throughout the process to make it workable
18. Pre-heat your oven
19. Grease your baking tray (I used olive oil)
20. Place the empanadas on the tray
21. Brush the tops of empanadas with olive oil
22. Bake for half hour or more on the lowest oven heat


The change in colour will indicate when it is done as well as the texture. You do not want your empanada to break up with you so make sure it has a bit of a crispy but not arid texture. Also remember it does not need to overcook since the plantains were precooked. I suggest you use a dipping sauce for these empanadas. It can be your own mix of your favourite spicy or sweet sauce.