Barbecue at Bumpy’s

Unavoidably, I feel as though Trinidadians and by extension Caribbean people love to indulge in barbecued meals. This can be at home, at a friend’s house, at a fund raiser, at a friend of a friend’s house, after work barbecue pit stop and the list goes on. Some of them even go to the river or to the beach where they can barbecue their meats on their portable grills. I am not too sure if people barbecue because  they get to bond over doing things together through team  building skills like the preparation of the barbecue. Perhaps the fact that almost every barbecue event turns into a party of some sort (the tendency to throw a party is in their Trini DNA). I am thinking they are probably fond of the effortless preparation and wait time for meal completion. It is not as time consuming in comparison to  gourmet meals in my kitchen with attention to every detail and plating. My thoughts are also collected around the idea that our very ancestors, the native Amerindians also barbecued meats probably not in the luxurious way that we do it. They did not have the advancements in food and technology that we have today but they enjoyed that barbecue and coincidence or not so do we!


I say all of this to bring to your attention the number of barbecue pit stops in Trinidad and Tobago. I am not sorry but I have stopped counting. Now I just go, “Oh.. look a new place just opened” … (comment about the marketing and the brand identity ) …. which  brings my story to a few weekends ago when I was in South Trinidad. I was going over to see a friend. I offered to get her something to eat. Of course her response was “.. barbecue” and she pointed me in the direction of “Bumpy’s Barbeque”. Bumpy’s recently opened and they are located at Twin Walls, South Trunk Road La Romaine and via the Southern Main Road at Grant’s Road Junction in Rousillac. Their brand identity was visible via road signage and product packaging which were  attractive to the eye and precise on content marketing. They specialize in barbecued chicken, lamb and fish. This is great as persons observing fast from meat this Lent can choose from their fish options and not feel left out. Their combo of barbecued chicken, fries, mini bread roll and salad starts at TTD $45.00.  I had my people sample the chicken since I do not eat meat and I trust their judgement as they have consumed barbecued meats from all over the world. So my taste testers approved of the meal and the quantity too. The portions in each combo were enough for two servings for each of them.


Now about their service; Bumpy’s staff is very attentive, polite and productive. I hope they keep it that way. I cannot stress enough the importance of customer service to any business especially the food industry and one that has just started too.  It definitely compliments a good product and does wonders for the brand when it all fits together. It seems like the service reminder from Mahatma Ghandi stuck on their wall is definitely helping to accomplish this. The quote is so appropriately positioned. Staff and customer are reminded that both parties have a role to play in customer service. I was able to find the quote online so take a read for yourself below!


Overall, I can definitely say that I may make another purchase at Bumpy’s in the future. The influences for my buyer behaviour would most likely be the price, service, cleanliness, quality and quantity. Bumpy’s gets the 3 star approval from me since they are just starting and I wait to see them grow more (just so you know no one ever gets 5 stars with me unless I see zero room for improvement. I always believe there is room for evolution and positive change). So if you are ever in South Trinidad and you are “hangry” or you are making a “food run” or you just love barbecue and you cannot contain yourself feel free to check them out!!!