Blue Basin Stores – The Best Kept Christmas Secret

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  • Parking: The Christmas season is always traffic crazy and there is limited parking. Some people are even guilty of “creating park spots”. At Blue Basin Stores this is the least of your worries as you have ample parking.

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  • Location: Although nestled in Port of Spain, the Capital City of Trinidad this secret is best kept tucked away at in the Cruise Ship Complex at Port Authority at number one Dock Road. The energy and vibes from the visual merchandising at the store is but one factor that plays a part in the zen energy and vibes exuded from Blue Basin Stores. The other part well let’s say you just have to get acquainted with the aura of the store owner, Jessel Brizan so you can experience that yourself.

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  • Convenience: So you don’t want to leave your glass of wine, your laptop, smart phone and the bed because ‘baby it seems too cold outside?!’ No problem. Blue Basin is online too. You can shop through their facebook store, website or order by phone. There is even free delivery for persons in Trinidad.

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  • Ethics: If you want more value for your money then this is the store for you. Blue Basin Stores carry brands like Afrofunkk which includes designer collections which are made from custom and responsible textiles. The popular turtle warrior bracelets are also available. These are made from recycled glass from glass bottle debris recovered from local beaches. Often these beaches are habitats for the endangered leather back turtles.


  • Bundles of Joy: Tis the season Blue Basin Stores gives you sweet deals and gift cards. Get introduced to Blue Basin’s gift cards for the loved ones who you simply can’t decide on for gift giving. Also check out their Bundles of Joy Specials from December 1st 2015. There are some awesome deals in store so visit Blue Basin Stores while these stocks are available.

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  • Build a Dream: At Blue Basin Stores, Jessel Brizan the owner and curator of the store has found a space for Trinbagonian and Caribbean designers who are all small business entrepreneurs and creatives with a dream for their brand and for this country. When you shop at Blue Basin Stores you are shopping local and supporting their dream. You are building up a small business entrepreneur and making their dream for the future come true.

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  • Save the economy: Yes it has been confirmed that the country is in a recession but ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. By shopping local you can help save the economy. You can help keep the economy afloat. The money that you spend is repatriated to the local not foreign economy.This means there is a chance for multiplier effect and others in the economy can benefit. There are more linkages and less leakages. You are inevitably diversifying the economy when you contribute by supporting local. Help diversify the country from an oil dependent industry to an economy that is well diversified with the resources and talent readily available to take it forward!

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So this Christmas I wish you a very Blue Basin Christmas!!!