Candice and Andre’s Sunset Wedding

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Candice & Andre’s Sunset Wedding Trailer

This is Candice Ramsubag. She is the creative entrepreneur for her brand Fairycakes. This company was started in 2010. Candice designs  gourmet cupcakes and desserts.  You can find out about her house flavours, specialty flavours and local flavours in cupcakes when you visit the link to her page below. You can also place requests for orders at

Photo Credit : FairyCakes Facebook Page

Candice’s significant other is Andre Sinanan. He is the creative entrepreneur designing experiences for his brand Green  House Entertainment. This company was established in 2009. Andre offers full service for your next event. You can also keep posted on his themed events and parties which are offered throughout the year by clicking the link below and reaching out to him with your request at

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These two creatives met through Candice’s high school friend Melissa. This matchmaker friend set them up and after about a month of chatting via phone they decided to meet in person. After a few years of courtship the two decided to get hitched!

Candice’s “Aha! He’s the one!” moment

Candice believes that there is no one moment when you know  “he’s the one”. In her experience she believes it takes time to realize who you want to build your life with. Also she asserts that being aware that “this is the one” (who I want to build my life with) needs to be a mutual realization.

The Proposal

When this couple realized they  found “the one” in each other they decided on “tying the knot”. Marriage would be their next step. Candice had zero anticipation of any proposal since already had plans to get married. But little did she know that her future husband had planned to pop the question at a friend’s birthday party which she had coordinated. Of course she was surprised and undeniably she said “yes”.

The Planning …

Candice and Andre have down to earth personalities. They consider themselves to be a simple and natural couple. They also knew what they wanted which was an outdoor wedding preferably seaside and in their words “with as minimal fluff as possible.”


They had an idea of what they wanted which morphed into a design concept;  a sunset wedding. The sunset theme set the tone for following through with the experience. In Trinidad we have some of the most beautiful sunsets and this helped inspire the bride to choose her colour palette for her wedding featuring hues of yellow, orange, coral pink and magenta.

Photo Credit:Colors of the Sunset


The venue played a huge part in helping to design the wedding experience. The couple chose The Chaquacabana Beach Resort in Chaguaramas. They were able to capture the sunset theme and views.  The experience was further enhanced when the groom arrived via boat. The ceremony took place on the pier over the ocean. The reception took place at the resort’s poolside which was still near the seaside. Candice and Andre did their own set up and layout for the event. They were their own design team and why not?! After all, this dynamic duo lives to  create experiences.

Rate on Venue: Candice does not recommend this place.

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(The set up for the ceremony on the pier over the water)

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(The layout for the reception near the poolside but still close to he seaside)


Candice is very big on design. She was the main creative mastermind behind the décor for her wedding. This bride put her own signature touch on her centerpieces which were recycled bottles and candles which she handmade.

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

( Centerpieces )

Chris Daniel Studios



The couple designed a message in a bottle type of  invitation. Andre collected the sand from Maracas Beach and Candice designed and printed the invites. This helped guests to understand and feel what the couple wanted them to experience; a sunset theme with an outdoor and seaside type of vibes.

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(Invitations- Message in a bottle concept)


Candice chose fresh flowers for the bridesmaids and flower girls. Kay’s Flower Shop created these simple but stylishly gorgeous bouquets. The bride’s bouquet, flower crown and veil were handmade by local bespoke designer Shaunelle Ramesar.

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(Fresh Flower Bouquet for Flower Girls & Bridesmaids done by Kay’s Flower Shop)

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(Bridal Bouquet was Handmade by Shaunelle Ramesar)

Bridesmaid Dresses

The dresses were designed with the experience they wanted to create and  complement the theme and the location. Local designer Rhion Romany designed a two piece resort wear for the bridesmaids. Candice gifted all her bridesmaids with handmade necklaces by local designer Tobye Melissa Gill.

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(Bridesmaid Dress by Rhion Romany and Custom Necklaces by Tobye Melissa Gill)

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(The flower girls wearing different hues of the sunset)

The Bride’s Attire 

Candice wanted a simple wedding dress that reflected her style and that made her feel comfortable. Local designer Adrian Foster customized a two piece ensemble for Candice. The top was hand beaded by Adrian and stands as a one of a kind design. As mentioned before the flower crown and veil were done by Shaunelle Ramesar.

                       Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(The Bride’s Outfit by Adrian Foster, Flower Crown, Veil & Bouquet by Shaunelle Ramesar)


The Groom’s Attire

Andre wanted to go for that “classic man” look. The groom wore a custom black and white suit . His look was completed with a pair of sunglasses. The groomsmen wore suits with ties characteristic of the various colours of the sunset.

Photo Credit:Keyon Mitchell

(The groom is the third from the left on his way to meet Candice with his groomsmen via boat)

The Cake

Candice is a cake boss so obviously she designed and crafted her own wedding cake. She created a 4 tier cake that was vertically cut in half. The open face was decorated with flowers.

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(The Wedding Cake by Candice)

The Music

Candice and Andre hired a DJ to sound off their sunset wedding party. They contracted DJ Damian Kidd (Candice rates him as the best).

Traditional or New Age Bride

Candice donned away with the tradition of having something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. It is safe to say she was a new age bride for her sunset wedding. Candice wanted to do things differently. She wore sandals for her wedding. Instead of walking down the aisle with her father this funky bohemian bride set her own trends. She danced down the aisle with her father to Alternative Quartet’s version of Machel Montano’s popular song “Fog”. Her bridesmaids also cued in to do their own dance down the aisle but this time to Bunji Garlin’s hit “Differentology”.

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(The bridal party getting ready to dance their way down the aisle)

Bride’s Tips

Saying yes to the dress

Candice advises that the “bride to be” should not look around too much because the future bride would fall in love with most of the dresses. Then it would be difficult to ascertain what she truly wants to wear on her big day. She emphasizes the need for the bride to have a vision of what she would like to wear and what would make her feel at her best and happiest. Once you know what you want you can then go design it, find it and or get it customized.

Photo Credit: Marc Jeffrey

(A snapshot of the bride and groom at their one year anniversary photo shoot )

Standing out rather than blending in

This bride says trends are always getting an update in the bridal industry. She encourages future brides to do their research and find pieces that can help them stand out. However, Candice believes once the bride is true to herself only then will she truly stand out. She further states that the choice of items should be characteristic of the bride and groom and represent them. Also Candice considers that the choices should be the ones that make the bride and groom the happiest.

Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(Candice and Andre set their own trends with their sunset wedding theme)

Surviving the Wedding Day

Candice’s tip here is to remind brides that this is their wedding so they should do what they want to do. She asserts that everyone needs to respect, understand and acknowledge this. Candice advises  the bride and groom should try to understand that sometimes things happen at your wedding that you have no control over. She shares her mantra of keeping it cool and trying not to turn into a “bridezilla” by repeating the words “it’s okay…it’s okay” and shift one’s focus to their significant other who the bride will be marrying and beginning the rest of her life with.

  Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(Candice and Andre exchange their vows)

 Happily Ever After

Now that the honeymoon is over this bride gives her two cents on marriage. Her first tip is on communication. She says that neither man nor woman can assume what the other is thinking nor can they know which mood the other may be in. Her advice is for the couple to communicate and talk with each other. She advises wives and husbands against indulging in negative talk about their spouse. If you have something to say about him/her that concerns him/her then discuss it with him/her.  Next Candice thinks that your spouse should be your first priority. She advocates for wives to support and build up their husbands. She further mentions spouses should encourage each other to live for each other. Candice further goes on to say that wives will only be as happy as their husbands and vice versa. Then she hits us with her rationale “ Didn’t two just become one?!” and drops the mic.

  Photo Credit: Chris Daniel Studios

(Candice and Andre begin their happily ever after)