Kaj Designs Hosts Legacy Atelier

Kaj Designs Hosts Legacy Atelier


Mid-Luxury Fashion House Bids Farewell To 2017 With Exclusive Retail Experience



KajFAB models strike a pose in front of the Kaj Flagship Boutique. From left to right: Fertility tank dress; long sleeved evening dress; silk kaftan; and maxi dress with ring accent. Makeup by Lyndy-Anne Parks of Lady Parks Makeup Studio. Photo courtesy Kyle Keens-Dumas of Konsortium Studios for Kaj Designs.


January 4, 2018 – Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago… Tobago’s premier mid-luxury fashion house, Kaj Designs, will usher in the New Year and 2018 Carnival seasons with an exclusive Kaj Legacy Atelier. KajFAB femmes will enjoy 50% off all legacy items as the brand celebrates the bold, signature flair gained over its disruptive 12-year history in Caribbean fashion. Featuring both limited edition and one-of-a-kind creations from several Kaj collections including the resort wear of Shore Culture and Tribu Sauvage, the atelier will run throughout the New Year and Carnival seasons by private viewing only, while stocks last.


Kaj’s provocative innovation, the Signature Halter Lounge Shuffle, was first shown as part of the Shore Culture runway presentation at the 10th Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW) in June 2010 in Kingston, Jamaica. Photo courtesy Pulse Investments Limited.


In June 2010, Kaj premiered the barefoot luxury of the Shore Culture collection at the 10th Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW) in Kingston, Jamaica. The CFW audience welcomed the scintillating charms, textures and tones of the Caribbean as it set sail with the first-ever Kaj Resort collection. The fashion house presented a sea of undulating fabrics in rich tones of magenta, fuchsia and teal with flowing, easy creations befitting a luxurious vacation of leisure. Reflecting the sun-kissed iridescence of its Caribbean landscape, the collection lavishly drapes the feminine contour in ribbons of ombré and tie-dyed chiffons, silk rayons, silk satins, organzas and crepe georgettes with subtle accents in suede, leather, taffeta, coque and pheasant plumes and coconut shell.  Designed with versatility and feminine comfort in mind, the effortless silhouettes of Kaj’s Shore Culture collection can be worn in the day and night, ideal for festive New Year and Carnival functions.


A captive audience was treated to the majesty of Kaj’s sheer strapless Bohemian lounge dress, with wooden beaded fabric accents, at the 2010 CFW during the Shore Culture presentation. Photo courtesy Pulse Investments Limited.


In June 2011, Kaj marked an historic milestone with its launch in the French Caribbean and the placement of the Kaj Resort line at Guadeloupe’s exclusive Caribbean boutique, KOD. This move established KOD as the first retailer of the Kaj brand in the region. In February 2012, Kaj received one of its highest honours as it was selected to represent the Caribbean in an initiative of the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) entitled Caribbean Collections. This initiative sought to create opportunities for access to European markets via participation in the British Council and the British Fashion Council’s inaugural International Fashion Showcase for Autumn/Winter (A/W) 2012 during London Fashion Week (LFW). For the label’s LFW debut, Shore Culture was favoured as it featured at an LFW-produced exhibition held at The Charing Cross Hotel while select pieces featured at a private showing at the Corinthia Hotel.


Folded envelope tunic and Bermuda shorts from the 2010 Kaj Resort collection, Shore Culture. Makeup by Lyndy-Anne Parks of Lady Parks Makeup Studio. Photo courtesy Kyle Keens-Dumas of Konsortium Studios for Kaj Designs.


A trailblazer in Caribbean fashion, Kaj boasts several accomplishments that are irrefutable Caribbean fashion firsts. In a pioneering move to capture international markets, the Tobago fashion house made history with the May 2013 launch of its sophomore resort collection, Tribu Sauvage, in USA and Singapore. Kaj was the first Tobago brand at ENK International’s exclusive fashion tradeshow, Intermezzo Collections, a staple of the US fashion trade circuit. With its humble Intermezzo debut, Kaj successfully captured the attention of New York’s leading fashion industry publication, The Daily Front Row. Amidst more than 900 of the world’s foremost fashion brands, Kaj was featured in TheDailyFrontRow.com’s haute highlights alongside Alice and Olivia, Nicole Miller, L.A.M.B. and Rebecca Minkoff.


The KajFAB safari of the Kaj Resort collection, Tribu Sauvage, featured on the catwalk at the inaugural Fashion Festival Bali in August 2013 at the luxurious Stones Hotel in Bali’s Legian region. Featured is Kaj’s maxi dress with ring accent. Photo courtesy Anggara Mahendra


Later that same month, the brand led as the first Caribbean brand to exhibit and show at the international fashion tradeshow, BLUEPRINT, during Singapore’s fashion week, Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX). With its runway debut at BLUEPRINT, Kaj’s creations of bold tribal infusions set against a backdrop of wild animal and camouflage prints stood out among the pervading contemporary Asian aesthetic.


Kaj’s trendsetting camo raglan tunic with daring waist-high side slits, of the Tribu Sauvage resort collection, on the runway at the 2013 Fashion Festival Bali at the Stones Hotel, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel. Also featured is Kaj’s faux-pocket maxi skirt. Photo courtesy Anggara Mahendra.


These favoured pieces later graced the runway at the inaugural Fashion Festival Bali (TFFB) in yet another daring move by the fashion house to forge ahead in infiltrating South Asian markets. On August 31, 2013, in the closing show presented by Indonesia TATLER, Kaj brought its signature flair to the TFFB runway. The high profile, 7-day event took place at the lavish Stones Hotel in Bali’s Legian region. Set against the breath-taking backdrop of one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, TFFB attracted an exclusive audience of media, fashion professionals and enthusiasts, leisure travellers and Asian Pacific celebrities and socialites including Michael and Lindy Klim and Casey Burgess.


The bold simplicity of Kaj’s Tribu Sauvage resort collection was captured during a 2015 Global Runway promotional photo-shoot on location in Verona, Italy. Featured are Kaj’s magyar tee with tribal pocket accents and its classic trousers with pocket accents. Photo courtesy Global Runway.


With a steadfast focus to establish Kaj as the Caribbean’s foremost mid-luxury fashion brand, the fashion house embarked on a strategic mission to penetrate European markets. This led to the launch of the Kaj Resort line at the Martinique-based online boutique, Kameri, in September 2014. In Nov 2014, the brand’s CEO, Liza Miller, was one of three female entrepreneurs selected to be part of exporTT’s gender programme participating in the CARTFUND French Caribbean Outermost Region (FCOR) trade mission alongside nine other Trinidad and Tobago companies. This opened the door to fourteen B2B meetings with buyers and other trade partners that generated ten trade leads. This was closely followed by the brand’s January 2015 launch at the Martinique-based boutique, Pygmées. By the last quarter of 2015, Kaj was introduced to the thriving UK luxury fashion market via its distribution with the London-based online boutique, Global Runway, coupled with an advertising campaign in Britain’s lavish specialist consumer magazine, Destinations Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad (DWHA). Kaj further strengthened its market presence as DWHA’s exclusive international fashion brand and partner at two of London’s leading trade events, The National Wedding Show (TNWS) and the World Travel Market London (WTM London). This was accompanied by Kaj’s retail placement at Guadeloupe’s exclusive boutique, Jheipour.


The sensual tribal infusions of Kaj’s long sleeved evening dress in a taupe, cream and black print captivate in the streets of New York City during a 2015 Global Runway promotional photo-shoot of the Tribu Sauvage resort collection. Photo courtesy Global Runway.


Kaj will commemorate this legacy of cutting edge creative excellence, fine quality and timeless luxury with its ongoing Kaj Legacy Atelier. KajFAB femmes may experience the exclusive versatility and impeccable finish of the Kaj Designs brand, shopping limited edition classic resort as well as one-of-a-kind legacy pieces including the brand’s signature innovation, the Shuffle. Join the Kaj Legacy Atelier Facebook (FB) event at http://bit.ly/KajLegacyAtelier or visit Kaj on FB at fb.me/KajDesignsLIVE or on Twitter and Instagram @KajDesignsLIVE to stay in the KajFAB know. For more information, email KajLegacy@estuaryPR.com.


Kaj’s exhibitor’s booth at the fashion tradeshow, BLUEPRINT, during Singapore’s fashion week, Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX). Photo courtesy estuary PR.


WHAT:              Kaj Legacy Atelier

WHO:                 Kaj Designs

WHEN:             Throughout the New Year and 2018 Carnival seasons, while stocks last.

WHERE:          By private viewing only.

PAYMENT:     Cash and cheque payments accepted.




For media inquiries, please contact:

Liza Miller, Managing Director

estuary PR Limited

Phone: (868) 367-5295

Email: liza@estuaryPR.com




Soca Smallies Kiddies Carnival Band

The beautiful thing about Trinidad Carnival is that everyone gets to experience part of it. This year I highlight a Kiddies Carnival Band named, “Soca Smallies”. This year their presentation is called “Rainforest Romp.” This band participates in the Junior Parade of the Bands. This is also an all inclusive band as the children are provided with snacks and drinks on the road. The Soca Smallies band invites parents to enjoy this “one day fun day” with their children. Masqueraders meet with the band on Carnival Saturday morning.


Photo Credit: Rachel De Nobriga

This small band is unique because the band leader actually provides a concept and a design for a costume. A detailed list of design instructions and materials will be provided to guests. This means the parent and the child can make the costume together. This gives the parent/child relationship a further boost as they get to create  and learn together whilst improving their team building skills and scoring some major relationship goals. Of course if parents are super busy they can always consult the band leader who will refer them to someone who can get the job done!

Registration for “Soca Smallies” takes place at Caboodle on Long Circular Road.

soca-smalliesPhoto Credit: Rachel De Nobriga

You can find more about them on their Facebook Page at


You can also call them at 1.868.477.3091

Brian Mac Farlane's Cazabon The Art of Living

In 2017 designer Brian Mac Farlane has taken to his mas camp his plight to advocate to the authorities the restoration of the country’s indigenous heritage and architecture. His presentation this year is called Cazabon: The Art of Living. It is his intention through the designs that he can call to action the “powers that be” to do something to preserve the wealth of the nation’s national heritage particularly the architecture from  the artist, Jean Michel Cazabon’s era ( late 1800’s and the early 1900’s). His expectations would materialize in the form of haute couture costumes displayed on persons owning roles from that era in a spectacle bound by a unanimous magnitude of architectural inspiration. This presentation would convene several artisans from costume to fashion designers. Brian Mac Farlane even took under his wing top graduates of The University of Trinidad and Tobago: Caribbean Academy for Fashion and Design.


Voyage de la Mode by Claudia Pegus

Photo Credit:  Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

Cazabon’s paintings are colourful and resemble snapshots of the period the artist existed in and its immediate society. The people during that time wore colourful clothing because they were free to do so (post emancipation era). However, the designers took an all white disposition with several shades of white, hues of gold and brown. Since this is art one has to question the artist’s intention and the message he wants to communicate (which one will only know when one asks the creative director  because art is subject to multiple interpretation). I am under the impression that these characters are cast in white because they are souls of the people of that time.  Cazabon’s art featured stills of life paintings whilst Mac Farlane and his cohort of designers depict this time  capsule through creative costume design and movement of haute couture clothed masqueraders.

madame-mille-fleur-monsiur-mille-fleur-couple-brian-macfarlaneMonsieur Mille Fleur and Madame Mille Fleur by Brian Mac Farlane

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

The regalia, glitz and glamour of Cazabon’s era via this band were launched at one of the Magnificent Seven buildings late last year. Again highlighting Brian’s  fixation with the conservation and restoration of architecture that served its prime during Cazabon’s time. In an interview Mac Farlane was noted for saying that his intention is to use unity to break silence and present splendor, beauty and revelry with a purpose via acknowledging profoundly rich heritage and culture. Designer icons and the local fashion industry’s rising stars occupy the band’s creative cast. Their names include Claudia Pegus, Peter Elias, Dale Angus, Dianne Hunt, Adrian Foster, Heather Jones, Dhisha Moorjani, Fazaad Mohammed, Charu Lochan Dass, Harvey Robertson, Kaleen Sanois and last but not least Brian Mac Farlane.

la-belle-creole-peter-elias-femaleLe Belle Creole by Peter Elias

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

aristocratic-aura-heather-jonesAristocratic Aura by Heather Jones

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

The sections include names like The White Hall Affair (designed by Adrian Foster), Apna Desh (designed by Dhisha Moorjani), Citizens for Conservation ( designed by Harvey Robertson), Felicity (designed by Charu Lochan Dass), Gang Gang Sarah and Tom (designed by Dale Angus), Messenger of Change (designed by Kaleen Sanois),  Le Belle Creole (designed by Peter Elias), Mademoiselle Boissierre (designed by Dianne Hunt), Madame Boissierre (designed by Dianne Hunt), Ministress of  Hope (designed by Dianne Hunt), Madame Mille Fleur ( designed by Brian Mac Farlane), Monsieur Mille Fleur (designed by Brian Mac Farlane), The Gate Keepers (designed by Fazaad Mohammed), Aristocratic Aura (designed by Heather Jones) and Voyage de la Mode (designed by Claudia Pegus).

madame-boisserie-dianne-huntMadame Boissiere by Dianne Hunt

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

The White Hall Affair designed by Adrian Foster is already sold out. The White Hall was formerly owned by Joseph Leon Agostini. Following his death it was then occupied by Robert Henderson and his family. However an account of the interior design, architecture and atmosphere of social events at the White Hall from the author of “The Great Eight”, Mr. Anthony  De Verteuil seemed to inspire designer Adrian Foster. He took reference from this 19th century Edwardian era. He believes that the spirits of Henderson’s guests remained within the walls of the magnificent building. He believes they merged with the Corsican, Moorish architecture forming silhouettes from French style windows and fretwork trimmings to large coral stone pillars that support the structure. He believes their trapped souls continue to roam the hallways and main ballroom as their haunting presence continues to preserve the rich history of time.

white-hall-buildingPhoto Credit: Adrian Foster

the-whitehall-affair-adrian-fosterThe White Hall Affair by Adrian Foster

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane’s Carnival Mas’ Camp

Apna Desh is designed by Dhisha Moorjani of House of Jaipur.  The costumes from Apna Desh- Our Land/Our Country reflect the conservative fashion and cultural design of traditional mas. These costumes feature a full collection of ethnic inspired Indian accessories detailed in silver. The female costumes come in several options. These include Sari or Gharara and top (skirt and top). The Apna Desh costumes are investment pieces as they can be worn again at a non Carnival occasion. Dhisha Moorjani (House of Jaipur) states, “It was Brian’s idea to use this theme and I followed the guidelines for colour scheme; beige and sepia tones. I used lots of cotton. In 1886 Cazabon’s painting of Indo Trinidadians was displayed at The Colonial Exhibit in London (renamed politically by Geofferey Maclean “The East Indian Group and The East Indian Women”). It depicted an Indo Trinidadian family; a mother, a father, a daughter. They are seen standing in their thatched roof house. The men are in their Kurta and Dhoti pants and the women in their flowing saris. The costumes for Cazabon The Art of Living feature options of Sari or Gharara which are sewn and easily arranged especially for anyone who never wore a sari. There are lots of silver pieces as accessories to reflect the heavy adornment of their bodies in jewelry. They did not trust banks during that time and converted their gold coins into jewelry.”


apna-desh-tripleApna Desh by Dhisha Moorjani (House of Jaipur)

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane’s Mas Camp

Citizens for Conservation is designed by Harvey Robertson. He affirms, “The conceptual stages of design and learning about the work of Citizens for Conservation inspired my design. The group is most known for its recent efforts to keep historical architecture alive. The demolition of the Greyfriars Church on Frederick Street in Port of Spain also inspired my designs. This church was built in the 1800’s during the Cazabon era. The materials for this costume consist of 100% cotton with shades of white and hues of brown.”


Greyfriars Church

Photo Credit: Joshua Lue Chee Kong

citizens-for-conservation-harvey-robertsonCitizens For Conservation by Harvey Robertson

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

citizens-for-conservation-harvey-robertson-femaleCitizens For Conservation by Harvery Robertson

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

Felicity is designed by Charu Lochan Dass for the brand CLD. In her words, “ Felicity is the bringing together a mix of pleasures and stylishness. It depicts both mid 1800’s fashion and the sobering yet intricate Victorian architecture. It exchanges historical extravagance for modern mobility, keeping the traditional trims; gloves and head scarves to bring to life an era so filled with presence and sophistication.”

felicity-female-cldFelicity by Charu Lochan Dass (CLD)

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

Gang Gang Sarah and Tom is designed by Dayle Angus from Tobago. This costume is detailed using lots of natural materials such as cowrie shells to represent the cotton from the silk cotton tree. The designer had a vision for a rugged, strong look for this costume. She collaborated with Dwayne Trim of  Mudern Mud in Tobago to include this neutral colour element in her design aesthetic. Designer Dale Angus says ” The whole idea around Cazabon is his representation of all aspects of society during that time period. It translates to what was happening in Tobago at that time, you would’ve seen a rise in the folklore. Gang Gang Sarah is a folklore  that originated between the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. When we talk about architecture of that time period and the use of nature, I approached him ( Brian Mac Farlane ) with Gang Gang Sarah. The main focus was the silk cotton tree. The tree stands today in Tobago and it is seen as a historical treasure. “


Gang Gang Sarah and Tom by Dayle Angus

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

Messenger of Change is designed by Kaleen Sanois. The battymamzelle or dragonfly is used as the symbol for messenger of change. The base of the costume was inspired by this creature. The designer drew inspiration from common details of colonial houses seen in the lace work and the light weight cottons. Despite being a representation from the Cazabon era more flare was added to the look with gems, piping and gold accents. Designer Kaleen Sanois reiterates, ” The Messenger of Change is the mascot of the band. The message is that we need to come together as a people, to be united and to enjoy the country that is our own, and celebrate what we have left of our culture. Anybody can be The Messenger. I believe we’re all artists in some way and should use our art to promote positive change in any way. The Messenger of Change falls into the Cazabon era as a reminder that we are beautiful and unique people just like the battymamzelle.”


messenger-of-change-kaleen-sanoisMessenger of Change by Kaleen Sanois

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Mas Camp

The Gatekeepers section is designed by Fazad Mohammed. In his words he describes the characters’ portrayal, “I am majestically unyielding and a grand sight to behold. My magnificence lives on through the traditions that now unfold. I stand guard at the treasure’s place centuries apart, defy me and to this day you shall know my wrath. We defy the ravages time and stand among the chosen few, we are the gatekeepers of the Estates and our presence beckons to you!” – Fazad Mohammed 2016.

the-gate-keepers-fazaad-mohammed-maleThe Gate Keepers by Fazad Mohammed

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

He goes on to say that he was always  fascinated by the grand opulence of our heritage sites and their presence, which gives people a peek into a period in history that shaped their existence today. The Cazabon era set the tone for inspiring their creations for 2017 carnival and the design team saw it fit to present a collection that reflected the periods fashion and trends as well as stimulate discussion on the preservation of local heritage monuments. Through the portrayal of “The Gatekeepers” Fazad presents a look at the Grand iron and metal designs that adorn the magnificent structures. He also wanted to pay tribute to the men and women that contributed to its preservation. To this day he feels there is a sense of ethereal presence within these structures that stimulates one’s curiosity about life on the other side of the grand gates.

the-gate-keepers-female-fazaad-mohammedThe Gate Keepers by Fazad Mohammed

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

He believes that The Gatekeepers therefore, are those story tellers that brings to life this period in today’s modern world. Furthermore, he asserts that he would like to take the opportunity to celebrate the grand architectural magnificence and craftsmanship of the wrought iron artists. He feels that their creations adorn and protect our heritage estate houses and is a source of great inspiration to our current masterminds and architects. In this collection Fazad confirms that he maintained a strong connection with the actual fine fashionable fabrics of the period, ie cotton, silk, satin, lace and chiffon. He states that the accessories mirrored the opulence of the fine jewelry crafted from pearls, gold and other gems.  Fazad feels that the greatest significance is the wire work done by our local craftsmen to tell the story of the grand wrought iron artisans of the period.


The Gate Keepers by Fazad Mohammed

Photo Credit: Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp

If you would like to know more about the presentation of Cazabon: The Art of Living then please review the information below.

Brian Mac Farlane’s mas camp is located at #49 Rosalino Street Woodbrook.

Telephone Contact: (868) 625-8931

Email Address: macfarlanecarnival@gmail.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/macfarlanecarnival/

Website: www.macfarlanemas.com

The Mac Farlane Carnival Mas Camp is one of the featured stops on my Trinidad Carnival Fashion Tour this Saturday 11th February 2017. If you would like to take the tour then please contact me at letsgotrinidadandtobago@gmail.com







The Lost Tribe's Riddim

Before I proceed with my review for The Lost Tribe Carnival 2017 I would like to set the record straight on my thoughts about our Carnival fashion. I want to reiterate that Trinidad Carnival remains a haven  for “creatives”. This means there is always room for more design aesthetics, creativity, new directions and new concepts that resonate with or even challenge the traditional ideals. Of course our Carnival fashion is embedded in our history and we owe all of this that we have today; our creativity, our skills, our talents to the foundation that gave the present day mas’ men and mas’ women their jump off into the Carnival scene. There are so many niches in the present and there is still room for more. As “creatives” we are entitled to critically examine art forms but we must not judge and bash each other for being too traditional or too modern because this is Trinidad Carnival. All the different facets of Trinidad Carnival encompass our Carnival fashion landscape and neither is wrong for bringing to fruition their contribution to Trinidad Carnival fashion.

riddim-v2-1-2-finalPhoto Credit: The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe Carnival had its debut in 2016. The Creative Director Valmiki Maharaj and Co –  Creative Director  Anya Ayoung Chee sought to expound upon a mas that was missing from the Carnival. They felt it was time to deliver the people from the lack of  theatre, drama and storytelling on the Carnival road. They intended to bridge a gap between traditional mas and modern day. The Lost Tribe Carnival brands itself as an alternative concept band.This year their presentation awakens the creatives in dance, music and theatre yet again as they bring forth “The Riddim.” The cast of designers include Shawn Dhanraj, JP Richardson, Keegan Simon, Nadya Shah, Shari Cumberbatch, Simon White, Jeri-Lee Alexander & Lauren Baccus and Aaron Schneider.  “The Riddim” in my words would describe the sound of Trinidad Carnival.

The Areito Section

Areito is a traditional, Amerindian based prayer ceremony.  The female costume includes head piece, bra and bottom piece, full-body chain and backpack. The male costume  includes head piece, chest piece, sharwani pants and backpack.


Photo Credit: Laura Ferreiraarieto-malePhoto Credit : Laura Ferreira


The Bamboo Section

This section was inspired by the sound of the tamboo bamboo musical instrument and was designed to produce the sound off the moving Bamboo Cathedral. The female costume features head piece, bra and bottom piece, cropped top, hip chain, leggings and backpack. The male costume  includes head piece, sleeves, long pants, satchel and backpack.


Photo Credit: Laura Ferreirabamboo-malePhoto Credit: Laura Ferreira

The Cutta Section

The Cutta Drum from The Laventille Rhythm Section heavily influences this section of The Riddim. The female costume features hoodie, bra and bottom piece, leggings, bracelets, foot pieces and necklace. The male costume includes turban, dhoti pants, Indian Drum and backpack


Photo Credit: Laura Ferreira cutta-male

Photo Credit: Laura Ferreira

The Djun Section

This costume is described as being an inspiration from the “Djun – Djun” drum from the Laventille Rhythm Section. This drum also fits into the category of traditional war drums. The female costume consists of headpiece, whole piece, cuffs, neck piece, necklace, cape and backpack. The male costume consists of headpiece, arm  pieces, pants, neck piece, backpack and Djembe Drum.


Photo Credit: Laura Ferreira djun-malePhoto Credit: Laura Ferreira

The Dudup Section

This section bears influence from the Dudup pan  or as The Lost Tribe considers it; the forefather of the steel pan.  The female costume includes head piece, monokini, bangles, neck piece, cape and standards. The male costume includes neck piece, belt, pants, backpack and standard.


Photo Credit: Laura Ferreira dudup-malePhoto Credit: Laura Ferreira

The Iron Section

This theme has connotations of the first strike, heartbeat and soul of The Laventille Rhythm Section. The female costume entails tiara, bra, monokini, cuffs, collar and backpack. The male costume includes head band, collar, khaki pants, leg pieces and backpack.


Photo Credit: Laura Ferreira iron-malePhoto Credit: Laura Ferreira

The Jab Section

The Lost Tribe Carnival defines The Jab as a spirit. They believe The Jab is a profoundly dark and inspiring story rooted at the core of local culture. The Jab costume is inspired by the sounds, visualization and movement of the J’Ouvert experience. The female costumes highlight headphone head piece, bra, monokini, Obi belt, bangles and backpack. The male costume showcases headphone head piece, neck piece, joggers, Crix tin, whistle and backpack.


Photo Credit: Laura Ferreira jab-malePhoto Credit: Laura Ferreira


After previewing these costumes I understand and appreciate The Lost Tribe Carnival’s contribution for 2017. I am fully aware that the creative process was  carefully planned and executed. The costumes are synchronized with their “behind the scenes” meanings and  relate to the design production. This is a revolution in Trinidad Carnival fashion and it is coherent. Their efforts to introduce theatre, drama, and storytelling are on point. There is zero mismatching of concept to creation. The cast of designers under the stewardship of the creative directors has managed to capture their stories in the essence of the costume design. However, this does not stop here as this group used the modern day facilities and technologies to make their impact and etch their brand identity in the hearts and minds of  all who are interested in being part of their tribe. You can contact The Lost Tribe Carnival at 2017.losttribecarnival.com or you can take my Carnival Fashion tour which will be offered this Saturday 11th February 2017 to learn more.

In closing my words of advice for the creative community and the spectators of Carnival Fashion are, “Embrace who we are and the bigger picture of what we are and the direction for Trinidad Carnival rather the greater vision for Trinidad Carnival, respect each others work, focus on the task at hand, at “getting it done” and to consistently and continuously work together because united we will stand and divided we will fall.”

Eastern Fusion Fashion in Trinidad

Fashion has always been a way for one to express oneself and make a statement about one’s identity without saying a word. It is more profound than surface appeal to increase one’s attractiveness. It delves with a psychology of colours as each colour has its own meaning. Similarly each fabric whether silk or cotton attracts particular vibrations and energies. When the Indians arrived to Trinidad they brought their customs and their ways of dressing. Some of those remain inherent in the styles of Trinidadian styling today. Silver toe rings were worn in pairs on the second toe of each foot on a woman. It is said that this custom had certain reproductive health benefits for the woman. Also it was insisted that the ring ought to be silver to better absorb energies from the earth that would pass through the body and refresh the being wearing the toe ring. Bangles were cited as having benefits of keeping energy in the body and helping women with blood circulation. Nose rings were marked for benefits of reducing pain when the married woman goes into labour. It is believed that the nose ring would connect with a nerve that runs through that part of the body.


Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/212584044881223568/

Of course there is a glaring difference in perception of colour by persons in the Western world versus persons in the Eastern parts like India and Pakistan. We live in modern day Trinidad, an island in the Western Hemisphere juxtapose to Eastern and Western influences. This makes our culture and fashion even more vibrant and dynamic. Our creatives steadily made their move in fusion fashion. Local “fashionpreneurs” who recognized the importance of ethnicity to our culture (even those who have an affinity for East meets West trends) picked up the pace to fill the gaps and deliver fashion tailored to anyone interested in the Eastern Fusion Fashion niche in Trinidad. They identified fabrics, materials, tones and trends with the Trinidadian in mind and created looks that suited the Caribbean woman. The top local Eastern Fusion Fashion designer brands are House of Jaipur,  Neha Karina and Aiela Fashions.


Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/Achkemus/hatecopy/


Photo Credit: http://instaliga.com/ru/hatecopy?page=1089952981849780449_2120555&loadCount=2

House of Jaipur is owned by Dhisha Moorjani. She was born to Indian parentage and raised in an Indian home in Trinidad. After her parents passed she devoted her love for them into the brand House of Jaipur. She converted her parents’ home into a beautiful boutique that offers persons the chance to experience Indian lifestyle and culture. She has several Indian fashion fusion lines, luxury resort wear, festival wear and modern Indian wear that she designed herself. There is a tea room for persons to gorge on Indian delicacies and sip from a chai bar. She also curates lifestyle pieces at her store so you can take away not only memories but a piece of the House of Jaipur experience with you. House of Jaipur located at #14 O’Connor Street Woodbrook was recently renovated and has been transformed even more to entertain and excite your senses when you visit!


Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/houseofjaipur/?fref=ts


Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/houseofjaipur/?fref=ts

Neha Karina, the brand is very versatile. It is owned by Neha Dawar who is from India . She is of mixed parentage Trinidadian and Indian. Neha lives in Trinidad now. She has also completed her studies in India, Dubai and locally at  The Caribbean Academy for Fashion and Design. Neha has an online fashion and beauty series called Coffee and Lipstick. She is also a stylist and marketing consultant. This designer focuses on youthful ethnic  bridal wear, festival wear as well as contemporary wear. You are almost guaranteed to find a striking statement piece in her store and I dare you not to leave without it. Persons can also collaborate with Neha and book a custom fitting for a style they may be interested in wearing. She also stocks stationery and a few lifestyle pieces for those interested.  Neha Karina is located at Hilton Hotel in Trinidad.


Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/nehakarinaTT/


Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/nehakarinaTT/

Last but not least is ethnic designer, Sharmila Maharaj.  Affectionately called Mila this designer is also a trained aesthetician, Mehendi artist  and beauty expert. Born to a Brazilian mother and a Trinidadian father she grew up with two cultures. The Trinidadian community she grew up in and quality time with her friends from the East played  huge roles in sculpting Mila’s attraction to the Eastern world. She is an avid jet setter and immerses herself in whichever culture and demographic that she interacts with. It is therefore no surprise to me that her journey in life has taken her creative soul on this path to create a supply of ethnic “athleisure” and contemporary ethnic fusion wear for the demand that is needed in Trinidad. She is the first person in Trinidad to create an athletic leisure “athleisure” hijab. She has also taken note of what is fashionably trending globally and used appropriate forecasting for her local debut. Her recent collection boasted of scarves, maxi shirt dresses and funky Samosa pants  just to name a few. Her clothing can be described as exclusively modest and reasonably priced. Mila’s boutique is based in Central Trinidad. You can browse her boutique collection online and discover a whole new world of fashionable clothing and accessories that have been awaiting your arrival all this time.


Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/aielafashion/

aiela-2Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/aielafashion/


So folks if you did not know where to get your Eastern Fusion Fashion vibes now you do!

May the positive  energies from these pieces find a way to your closet!!!

May the designers continue to ignite the souls of you and others with their passion and creativity!


Matthew's Storm Party

As you know Trinidad and Tobago and the Windward Islands are expecting some severe weather resulting from a cyclone that may develop into a storm called Matthew. The last time Trinidad was under such a serious weather disturbance watch I remember being on dorms with my sorority sisters.  As responsible “Trinbagonians” there was always an urgency to make our Caricom brothers and sisters feel at home. So in true “Trini” style  we were always prepared for this event and hosted our own “storm party”. Please note that this weather disturbance has not developed into a storm and this storm party is just another event. So I have prepared a “do it yourself” list for those of us who may need some assistance with their storm party planning! Perhaps you can call it “Matthew: The Revival” as there was a storm called Matthew in 2010.



A storm party like this requires very little décor as there is a high potential that efforts into designs could be wiped out in a heartbeat. Although some super charged LED lights, glow in the dark stickers and  glow sticks can light up the night and be pretty nifty in the event of power outage.


Each person attending should arrive in whatever they feel comfortable wearing. However, they should walk with an extra change of clothing and closed toe footwear that protects their feet in the event of street and flash flooding. They should also walk with their own blankets just in case they may need it.


If you are throwing this party at your home please make sure that the area is stable for example whether it is away from windows and flying objects. Choose wisely as you do not want guests to go missing. As the host/hostess you should also be informed of the nearest buildings that would be transformed into temporary shelters. Also keep a list of emergency numbers on hand (fire service, police service, office of disaster and preparedness and hospitals). It is advisable to know the floor plan for your storm party location and the evacuation routes should there be a need to exit the party quickly. Create a buddy system at your party so each person is in charge of their buddy’s whereabouts throughout the party.

Party Food

The meteorological office issued statements that we can expect strong winds and heavy rains even flash flooding. Strategically if your guests are arriving before tonight and you wish to do a three course meal then that is fine as well. you can even set up a coal pot or barbecue pit and get your roast on! My only concern is that they consume the food before the power goes. Yet if you anticipate a flood or power outage ruining your party then it would be more ideal that the party food on your table is canned. Some ideas revolve around lots of appetizers that are non perishable. These can include canned sausages, cereals, canned tuna, bread, crackers, canned fruit, peanut butter, jams, tacos, canned beans. If you do not want so much pressure on you as hostess you can ask your guests to admit one can to the party and create a list of the items so there is no repetition (please wash these cans and dry them before attending the storm party and do not forget the can opener). Ideally you should have a lot of potable drinking water so stock up on bottled water and whichever non perishable canned or bottled beverage you prefer. If there are toddlers and babies at your party then remember to stock up on their special items for their diet as well as their disposables. Disposable cutlery, cups and plates should be bought as well as garbage bags.



You are at liberty to decide which activities you would like to have at your party. You can play musical chairs, musical makeover, monopoly, karaoke, go fish and the list goes on. Jokes, story-telling and other creative exercises can keep your crowd entertained and occupied whilst anticipating further developments in the weather pattern disturbance.


Of course you should have a mobile charger for your phones, tablets, ipads and electronic devices in the event that the power goes and you need to recharge your batteries. I am sure your favourite music is already on your “storm party” playlist to keep you all  stress free before the lights flicker and the wind comes howling in the night. However, a battery operated radio with a replacement battery pack is advisable to have on hand so you can  tune in to your favourite radio station and hear updates on the status of the developing weather pattern.


I would advise you to have a first aid kit on standby in the event the party gets into full swing and there may be a few cuts and bruises whilst bracing for the strong winds and dancing to your favourite tunes. The kit should also include some sanitizer for cleaning wounds, bandages, medication and allergy medication among other things. Tape, scissors, garbage bags, blankets should be stored in dry locked plastic containers. You can also use those hard cover suitcases or plastic buckets with lids for storage of important documents and items you wish to keep dry and safe. Flashlight, matches, candles can also be kept in storage. The power can be knocked out so I advise you to set up your backup generator if you can. Insect sprays, repellents, calamine lotion and citronella candles should also be kept as they may come in very handy if the power goes and the electronic mosquito bug mats stop working. Personal items such as toilet paper, soaps and sanitary napkins should also be stored in the event that you run out of this stock. Those of you who keep shovels, brooms and machetes in your homes you should secure them properly because the last thing you want is your guest getting accidentally hurt by a flying machete. However, they may be very useful if torrential rains and winds arrive.


See below some useful links






Peace Out Trinidad

Be Safe

Be Prepared


Enjoy the Party


Simply Decadence Ltd – A Premier Gourmet Cafe

I guess you can say I have a “thing” for cafes.  I am not too sure why but I believe it has something to do with my love for mini escapades into a world of soulful delicacies and old world charm (perhaps too much Breakfast at Tiffany’s ha ha). I am such a café fanatic that the minute I see or get whim that a new café is being launched it is inevitable that the café will be on my “must visit soon” list.  I usually visit the south land ever so often every month. Every time I notice a few changes to the scene.  Over the last few months I would see this purple and gold sign with the words Simply Decadence Ltd. Immediately, my thoughts were “oh wow a dessert café in Point Fortin finally someone did it!”  Obviously, this place made it on my list and I eventually got to stop by and get the “inside scoop” (no pun intended).

sd(Photo credit: Simply Decadence Ltd. Facebook Page)


 Simply Decadence Ltd.


#18 Adventure Road Point Fortin (Next to Colfire)


Gourmet Food and Treats (savory and sweet)


Catering for all occasions

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Coffee

Contact Information





When I visited the café I chatted with one of the owners, Karon Felmine. I found out that the business is family owned. They have been in the catering industry for years prior to opening the cafe.  This café was one of Karon’s dreams since 2012. In July 2016 there was an opportunity to realize this dream when the perfect spot became available. Karon and her family took advantage of the opportunity and today the community of Point Fortin and environs can enjoy being part of the dream.

Café Hours

Tuesdays to Wednesdays breakfast from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Thursdays it is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Fridays and Saturdays it is open from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sundays it is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The design aesthetic of Simply Decadence Ltd is kept simple with hues of blue, cream, grey and brown. Plant centrepieces adorn  wood tables. Some candles replace the plants on the table that serves as the focal point for the lounge seating area. The lounge area heightens the rustic vibe with its basket weave elements and beige cushions. The lighting is not too bright or too dim for anyone to catch up on some reading whilst having their coffee. The design  layout strikes a balance between an earthy and a modern ambience with a daytime city skyline backdrop on one of the walls. There is also television and wifi. The café area is clean and well maintained.


Lounge Area

(Photo Credit: David Wears)

Patrons can choose from continental breakfast on mornings. At other times there are local selections of Bees ice cream flavours, punches, hot drinks, smoothies, blended coffees, sandwiches, savory appetizers and decadent desserts. Karon says that they try to offer something different  from the regular menu that patrons can get anywhere else. While I was at the café peanut ice creams with toppings and a chocolate cupcake were the items purchased from the menu by the persons in my pax. They thoroughly enjoyed their orders!


(Photo Credit: David Wears)


(Photo Credit: David Wears)


(Photo Credit: David Wears)

I am excited to see the development and progress yet to come for Karon and her family with this new venture. The hospitality is overwhelming and the staff is so friendly. My guests and I were complete strangers to Karon (since we had not met her before) yet we were treated like family. I will continue to recommend Simply Decadence Ltd to many persons who wish to walk in and get away from the city bustle, to celebrate a special occasion, to enjoy quality and affordable gourmet delights, to choose Simply Decadence Ltd as a potential caterer and to list them as a prime option for foreigners and locals visiting Point Fortin.

Congratulations Karon


Best Wishes





The Best Weekend Ever is Not Coachella

The world over is getting ready for The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival (affectionately called Coachella). It is held at the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. It is the most talked about event for spring breakers, hippies, wannabe hippies, cultural/art enthusiasts and celebrities. It’s a time when Spring fashion trends come out of their hiatus to thrill the gawking fashionistas and stylists with inspiration. If you have no idea what I am talking about perhaps you recall North West’s first birthday bash. She enjoyed a Coachella themed party hosted by the Kardashian tribe.


Perhaps you remember these photos of Selena Gomez and her “besties” enjoying the raves with top notch and small bands performing in genres from hip hop, rock, independent and electronic dance music whilst sparking fashion trends. Well either way this year Coachella takes place from April the 15th to April 24th 2016. So I guess it may be safe to say Coachella does not happen over the weekend so it can never be the best weekend ever (it actually spans a rough two weeks and). Moreover, the world over that has been there and done that are looking for something new to experience.


Well some of you are looking for a more intimate, cultured experience. You want to expose yourselves to new culture, cuisine, creative art, music and people. Also some of you would rather relish in doing this amid the backdrop of an exotic island whilst still “doing good” by following sustainable principles and best practices there. In addition, celebrating peace, love and unity with family, old friends and new ones all in one weekend getaway may just be your ‘cup of tea.’


Where am I taking you?
So let me introduce you to your next festival destination, a twin island state called Trinidad and Tobago. It is the most cosmopolitan island in the West Indies. It is the most southern island at the end of the chain of the West Indies close to the Amazon Forest and Venezuela. It is one of the few places on this planet where the locals are bonded by their love for culture in different ethnic cuisines, music, festivals and celebrations. This tropical island boasts of vibrant and infinite talent in their creative industry; fashion, music, art, food and even fun.

In fact, there is an organization in Trinidad called New Fire which is responsible for curating a series of musical concerts each month to showcase new music and progressive culture. New Fire is an initiative under the non-profit social enterprise called The Trinidad and Tobago Bridge Initiative. This year they are putting their mark on the local festival scene to promote a signature of theirs called New Fire Festival 2016. The team at New Fire has dubbed it, “The Best Weekend Ever”.

New Fire Festival 2016 is carded for 26th and 27th of March 2016 at Sanderson Park in Freeport Trinidad. The event promises outstanding live performances, outdoor camping (under the stars ), yoga, a midnight rave and a local shopping market featuring artisans, artists and fashion. There will be family zones, a pottery talkshop, a drum circle and musical acts from reggae to rock. All of the activities at New Fire Festival are pitted on the concept of sustainability. This includes upcycled shopping but is certainly not limited to that alone. Patrons interested in purchasing food are advised to bring reusable food containers as the New Fire team wants to reduce as much waste as they can that may harm the environment.

The partners for this event are also keepers and leaders of organizations that promote sustainability. Some of these include Wa Samaki Ecosystems (permaculture restoration), Upmarket (artisan market), Sun Eaters Organics (high quality local food products and gourmet chocolate), Soular (plantain and cocoa nibs), Sonara Sound Therapy, INIPIS (sustainable human involved planetary systems), I Am Movement (distributing information and providing workshop facilitators), Anugraha Yoga, Akasha Studio and Destination Chocolate.

fire dance


new fire fest

There are different types of tickets available. Persons can choose from various options the type of experiences they mostly prefer and enjoy.If you would like to find out more on tickets and about The Best Weekend Ever then please have a look at the links below.
(w): http://www.newfireworld.com/
(e): newfirett@gmail.com
(fb): https://www.facebook.com/events/430322497165733/

So whatever you decide I wish you the best weekend ever!!!


Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago



Arty Party TT

For far too long locals have grieved for something different to do in their free time. They are bombarded with the glitz and the glamour of uber chic parties and modern theater. However, they are now seemingly making trails to new discoveries or more intimate and self enriching experiences. One young lady who has realized this demand has decided to pair her knowledge, passion and experience in her niche to bring premium creative experiences to locals and persons visiting Trinidad. Sharon Burford, Trinidadian artist and illustrator is championing the local creative arts industry through her professional work at Studio 55 and her recent art initiative, “Arty Party TT.”


Photo Credit:https://www.facebook.com/artypartytt

Her work at Studio 55 ranges from live drawings at events, “cartoonize yourself” options to personalized requests and custom orders of black and white, colour, water colour, digital and many more choices in art and design. However, it is her Arty Party TT that strikes me boldly! Persons attending this party pay for a package which includes a creative art exercise, light refreshments, camaraderie of the entire group, a sense of belonging, team building skills for you and your family, friends or significant other (if you decide to go as a team). Knowledge is imparted upon the group and they leave the event rather renewed and fulfilled. The opportunity to learn differently and enjoy something differently is present here. Art Parties take place in the evenings. They are usually themed. Art Parties take place once per week and persons must book in advance to secure their seats as groups are small. Persons who are unable to attend can also book an art party for their birthday or some special occasion.


Photo Credit:https://www.facebook.com/artypartytt

Interestingly, Arty Party TT will celebrate their one year birthday on Friday 8th April with a signature Arty Party from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Gulf View Community Center. Persons who wish to attend must be mindful only 22 spaces are available for this event. The curator intends to do the theme in her version of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”. There is no age restriction or art experience prerequisite. Tickets are TTD$200.00 and more information is available at their pages below.


Photo Credit:https://www.facebook.com/artypartytt

ap val

Photo Credit:https://www.facebook.com/artypartytt

Contact Arty Party TT today!!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artypartytt


Mobile Contact: (868) 717-1791

Periscope: @Sharrie9

Email:  sharonburford9@yahoo.com





My Quick Picks for Valentine's Day

1.Style them – The gift of style has come to be appreciated by men and women. Your significant other does not have to be a fashionista or a fashionisto to embrace fashion. I am sure they have their own sense of style whether they fancy fitness wear, artisan jewellery, handbags, spa essentials or accessories. Perhaps they are huge fans of sustainable living and they prefer ethical wear. If this is the case then I strongly suggest you make a fashion stop at Blue Basin Stores at the Cruise Complex in Port of Spain. Another bonus here is their sale of up to 50 % on local designer menswear, women apparel and accessories. Their sale ends on February 13th 2016 so visit them to find out more.





2. Wine them – It’s the season of love and romance is spilled from the glass of wine that runneth over; well at least for the “winos” out there. Now you can enjoy local wines aged to perfection in just five flavours: sorrel, spice, five finger, pommerac and jamun. These wines were aged for 5 years. All the wines are light to medium bodied, crisp and refreshing. They are available at Unwined Wine Bar, Trade Winds Hotel mini mart, On Deck Pub at Trade Winds Hotel, TnT Wine Cellar and of course directly from 11 Degrees North.

11 degrees north


3. Chocolate Coat them – At #37 Fitt Street, Woodbrook on Thursday 11th February 2016 Medulla Art Gallery brings you Destination Chocolate’s Pop Up Shop. There you can purchase local artisan chocolate on sale and relish in tasting the “true trini sweet hand”. Some featured products include chocolate gift bags, cocoa products, truffles, cocoa nib brittle and dark chocolates from various local sommeliers in the local chocolate industry. You can also get your tickets for my next suggestion at this Pop Up event.



4. Dine them – Locals love to adventure together into the realms of food. Mariposa Cafe in Lopinot Trinidad is nothing short of being an epic culinary journey. They are hosting their “Cocoa Inno Foosion” tasting event at Mariposa Gardens in Arouca on February 13th 2016. The highlights of the event include savoury and sweet cocoa creations, bean to bar demonstration and  sampling and selling of various cocoa treats. The tickets for this event are $300.00 and are on sale at Medulla Art Gallery tomorrow. So if you or your loved one may be interested in the excitement feel free to check it out.

cafe mariposa


These are just a few awesome local finds right here in Trinidad for the 14th February 2016!! Whether you choose fashion, food or fun or all of  them remember your dearest of them all is the gift of giving from your heart!!! Enjoy!!!