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So it’s big business this word ‘creativity’ that is being thrown about so often along with the ability to imagine and create something that has never been done before. In my land of Trinidad and Tobago there is a heist of fashion modus operandi that seems to be taking November like a raging tornado. While iconic and emerging designers, stylists and creative directors aspire to be ‘creative’ and host fashion shows, parties and stimulate the local landscape for glitz and glamour in fashion destination Trinidad and Tobago, one must wonder about standards. Yes, the big issue of standards. Does it apply? Who has the final say? Who says whether it’s okay or not? It would seem as though there are no gatekeepers and the quality and standards are not a big issue.  But hello “wake up” it is a big deal. What sets you apart from others is your ability to recognize innovative and functional skill and talent. It makes you more in demand and well respected for your credibility. However, one can beg to differ that if a country is made up of a pluralist society where we accept everything then our standards are in serious jeopardy. But I need not digress any further.

I was invited to the launch of a ‘ready to wear’ collection by a local designer named Charu Lochan Dass. I was a bit late so I missed what seemed to be a welcome drink and the welcome party. Nevertheless, we were ushered in by a CLD brand ambassador. What a surprise getting in and seeing Wendell Constantine as the host for the evening. There was a musical interlude complimented by an eclectic energy of anticipation from the patrons. The designer gave her last words before the show started and it was hit after hit heading down the runway. The models were gorgeous but the collection was even more fabulous. While a picture tells a thousand words it’s unfortunate I didn’t get much pictures. However, this made seeing the collection up close so much more worthwhile. The prints and cuts of each piece were quintessential. There were even drama sets in each model’s walk striking the balance of empowerment and strength of the brand. The hues of vibrant red, the splashes of riveting blue with plunging necklines and the ensembles of a powerful black with revealing bits and pieces sparked a blaze of extraordinary without being raunchy.

2013-11-27 20.38.41

The designer in her essence exuded an aura of elegance, grace, poise and humility mixed with a maturity that came with age and experience. Her  Indian heritage and Caribbean upbringing, cultural endowments (India, London, Trinidad), university qualifications and years of retail experience prepared her to ‘create’ a distinct fusion of fashion. Undeniably, this has enhanced her ability to execute her passion for fashion. This suggested to me that even though this was her first collection launch in Trinidad  she was not an ordinary new comer to the local fashion scene but a game changer. The evening was wooed with “oohs” and “aahs” at the striking emotional connections that one could actually identify with the power and passion of the collection.  It was pomp, flair mixed with a strong sip of reality as every single piece was so “ready to wear”. The show ended with a final walk from the designer, a door prize and CLD “goodie bags” (filtered fashion magazine, CLD lookbook, call cards and a CLD t- shirt)  for ladies and CLD hats  for the guys given out by CLD brand ambassadors. The aftermath was enthralled of photography, fanfare, vibes and mingling.

2013-11-27 23.15.21

I think it would be safe to say that the gate keepers have inaugurated Charu Lochan Dass as part of the Trinidad and Tobago fashion scene. The collection was well received and the launch was a success. The reviews are still coming in and they have all received Charu Lochan Dass as a remarkable designer. She is definitely making waves and crashing the shores of this fashion destination with her creativity and innovation!

Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Charu Lochan Dass for the invitation!

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


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