Chimichanga- Mexican Fast Food in Trinidad

A Chimichanga can best be described as a deep fried burrito. However the Chimichanga I speak about is an orange food cart that is situated on “the cross” or Cross Crossing in San Fernando. It is found closest to the Kenson Institute just before the traffic lights if you are exiting JTA Supermarket. Also it is usually the last food cart at the end of the food strip of huts. It can also be the first hut if you are driving up the strip just after Kenson heading towards the JTA Supermarket. There you will find a brightly coloured hut named “Chimichanga” and you can find a park as close as possible to it if you are driving. They are open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 pm – 11 pm.

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The menu at Chimichanga consists of burrito bowls, tacos and burritos. The rates vary for different items. The prices range from TTD$25.00 – TTD$40.00. They are very organized from ordering, production to customer service delivery. The surroundings are clean. The team that works there is outfitted in Chimichange t-shirts which differentiates them for bringing a level of professionalism, marketing, branding and courtesy to restaurant operations even on a cart. There is a certain synergy of passion and love for what they do that should not go unmentioned because it is felt when this same energy is transferred to the customers.

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My order consisted of a fish burrito wrap and chicken tacos (soft shell).  The burrito comprised of Mexican rice, black beans, shredded cabbage, corn, salsa, lime, pepper, sour cream, chips and fish. The tacos were stuffed with chicken, vegetables, salsa, corn, sour cream, cheese and chips. Usually guacamole is added but my friend opted for its omission to the tacos. Both items were delectable bursting with colour, zest, flavour and so much excitement packed into a wrap! Yet, I noticed that the chips sprinkled on the burritos, tacos as well as the wraps and shells themselves  were prepackaged (I know some people who go ballistic over the authenticity of food including myself). All the other items seemed to have been home cooked which contributed to a realistic Mexican appeal even the fish. However, I do understand the model of their business and the need to use prepackaged taco shells and burrito wraps because of the fast food pace, storage, cook time and the list goes on.

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Chimichanga is a recent addition to the food strip in the south land and hopefully it continues to be a star attraction there. It brings diversity and cultural value to the destination Trinidad. I highly recommend that you try them out if you have not done so already. After my first purchase there I can definitely say it won’t be my last. The food is as vibrant and impressive as the Mexican culture and people. It is simply amazing that even though some of the former inhabitants of Trinidad were from Latin America that today we can still share in the celebration of their lifestyle through their food.

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