Creative Suite

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Mood Board Workshop

The mood board evokes emotion and visual direction. Clients learn about mood boards and their role in defining and refining creative concepts that better inform creative direction for design projects. They will learn how to apply mood boards to their creative work. Clients will discover the benefits of adopting the mood board as a design tool in their creative process. The duration of the workshop ranges from 2 - 4 hours.

Rates start at US$65 per person.

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Vision Board Workshop

The vision board is a design tool aimed at specific goal setting through the application of literal visuals to represent aspirations. It is especially useful in gaining clarity with visualization. Clients who learn how to create a vision board will also be exposed to guided meditation to aid in improving on their visualizing technique. The duration of this workshop is flexible dependent on availability.

Rates start at US$75 per person.


Creative Coaching

Creatives may encounter challenges that impact upon their ability to create and manifest their dreams. This shows up in their performance at work and it interferes with their social life. Some of these creative blocks may be due to challenges with time management, work/life balance, stress management, anger management, body image and self-esteem, relationships and communication issues.

Creatives can expect to work one on one with the creative coach to identify underlying issues and to discover a way forward. Our non-prescriptive approach is aimed at guiding creatives to harness their creative potential and to help them navigate through creative blocks. The techniques, tools and support for creative coaching are grounded in colour therapy and cognitive behavior therapy practices delivered by an accredited professional.

The keys to recovery and healing include but are not limited to deciding not to stay stuck, asking for help from a trained professional, showing up for oneself, being open to receive guidance and having the will to fulfill one’s creative purpose.

Rates start at US$35 per hour


Personal Styling

Our clients are professional men and women who come to us to help them navigate their personal style. Some of them are transitioning through different stages in their life and want to feel more settled. Often they feel a disconnect between who they are and how they look. Our stylist works with them virtually to align their identity with styles that reflect their true self.

The styling process takes place virtually and it is sustainable and simple. The styling sessions occur over a period of time as rapport builds between client and stylist to better inform on styling advice and solutions. Clients sign up and receive a style analysis. They opt for the stylist to go through their current wardrobe to find looks that may work or choose to refresh their style with new looks. They then receive a presentation of the styling and shopping guide that suits their design aesthetic and identity.

Clients review our styling service as one that does not compromise on their comfort, boosts their confidence and self-esteem whilst impacting on leaving a positive impression on those that they interact with in their social and professional circle.

Rates start at US$35

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Travel Styling

This service is for persons who struggle with styling and packing for their trips. Clients who sign up for travel styling are guilty of leaving travel packing to the last minute before they depart for their trip. When they arrive at their destination they have styling remorse over not packing that piece or pieces that would have flattered their form or worked well to functionally transition between activities on their travels. Travel styling sessions are easy and breezy as the stylist works virtually to prepare clients to pack and style for their destination travel. Style analysis, shopping and styling guides are just some of the things travelers can look forward to receiving when they sign up to get styled.

Rates start at US$35 per hour


Public Speaking

Our trained and certified media professional is familiar with writing and reading speeches, creative direction in conceptualizing and executing public relations campaigns and presenting for live and pre-recorded interviews. Clients can expect to learn how to write and read speeches and to refine their presentation skills. This improves their oral communication skills, fosters better social networking skills, personal development, character building, leadership qualities, critical thinking, reasoning, writing and research skills. Public speaking is a complete mind, body and soul experience that promotes the practice of being fully present to inform, communicate or motivate others. It increases the speaker’s awareness of how their audience perceives them and in turn allows the speaker some leverage on influencing public perception of self through improvement of their current public speaking skills and appearance.

Rates start at US$35 per hour.

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Creative Consultancy

Clients can expect to elevate their brand by working our creative consultant. Our clients come to us when their business is stable but they are not seeing any growth, when the brand’s focus or their ideal client is changing and when they want expert advice rather than their opinion. The creative consultant is a creative brand strategist who will assess, understand, learn, execute and check the client’s current design management process. Together the consultant and the client will work on aligning the design process with objectives to begin problem solving.

Rates start at US$35 per hour.