Destination Marketing 101; You’ve been schooled

My fellow patriots ,

I believe the time is upon us; the nationals of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to  envision  that which has been lost out of sight and out of mind, to grab national identity by its reigns and  steer it back to the controlling and loving arms of the “Trinbagonian” love nest. It’s time to  set it right and set it free for all to see, oh yes this is the epitome of “Trinbagonian” pride.

It’s time for a new age reality series with carefully crafted strategies to identify the tourism sector in Trinidad and Tobago. Let’s fast forward to present day, it’s time to rise out of the shadows of mass tourism.  The nation needs a re-assessment of the sectors of its burgeoning tourism. The time is now to discover the niche tourism markets and highlight the diversity of the local tourism product by featuring key stakeholders in real time media.  A reality series can be dubbed as the new marketing campaign for Trinidad and Tobago. By positioning the brand; Trinidad and Tobago as The True Caribbean in the mind set of the consumer intent on securing international tourism interest. The twin island state is aggressively marketed to the domestic, regional and international community via forums and tech savvy channels for information dissemination and active participation of the viewer. The best is yet to come.

The invitation of a reality series to the corporate and travel spaces of the worldwide community prompts the opportunity of collateral benefit for the host destination; Trinidad and Tobago. The economics are tallied to increase linkages in the tourism sector, create employment, and stimulate overall economic growth by attracting potential investors to the islands. Awareness can educate the people about the significance of the ownership of the resources of the land. Tourism plans for development that include the community pride themselves on a renewed sense of patriotism and a greater appreciation for the tourism product as it is developed by the people for the people.  Backed by local support proper legislation can be drafted to secure ownership of heritage, biodiversity and culture by the rightfully endowed groups. The environment can rejoice because conservation principles and practices would guard and guide the installation of tourism initiatives boosting the life span and integrity of Trinidad and Tobago’s  treasures.

The viewer is taken on a journey to a bountiful land with pristine waterfalls, natural springs, Amazonian flora and fauna, wealthy mangroves, inhabited lagoons, coral reefs, bird sanctuaries, mud volcanoes and a vast array of beaches. The island is accented by breathtaking views of mountain ranges, sugar and banana plantations, cocoa and coffee estates, hills and a plethora of sites and attractions.  The avid island hopper who wants to explore power boat racing, goat racing, crab racing, hiking and rock climbing in tropical rain forests is enticed by adventure. Also, the deep water marinas welcome yachts and cruise liners to paradise. Professional fishing takes place in the playground of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. This is a promise of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation that awaits the peace keeper, the inspired soul, the matrimonial seeker and the perturbed traveler.

The sons and daughters carry intricate talents and skills with them in every aspect. This is depicted in the creative arts industry ; Carnival mas making , the fashion industry, art, architecture and lyrical twists in the literature and poetry. A rhythm in the beating of a “Trinbagonian” heart conveys the symphony of sweet melody enjoyed by the world over who delight in the sound of the steel pan, the tempo of calypso, soca, rapso and chutney soca music. Undoubtedly, these are direct blood lines to ancestors from ancient east and west. A gastronomic extravaganza and exotic ecstasy anticipate the arrival of international culinary enthusiasts. The essence of an island steeped in stout religious affirmations of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity concede the blessing of sanctity. Oh yes, two islands, one nation, a kaleidoscope of races living in harmony, this is heaven on earth.

So what do you think about the plan for a tourism reality series?

Is it our time to shine?  Is this time for us to rally up the troops and go in all or nothing to save our destination? Remember you are an ambassador! You can make a difference! You can be the change ;)

Your Trinbagonian Conscience