Destination Success

Success that prized virtue  held by so many in society. It’s true meaning waiting to be irrevocably traced and stamped in the palms of our hands, clasped so tightly that we never let it go.

From tender ages, parents, the community, education, media, religious institutions have placed such emphasis on this thing called success that it is now ingrained in the hearts and minds of adult individuals today. They have cultivated the desire to achieve, to accomplish fascinating objectives with the least respect for timid attempts and a shadowy fear of failure. Innately, people vicariously learn from their teachers in life and so they learn to become competitive and some if not most extremists become individualistic. They are taught to believe in a meritocratic society where effort equals reward so the more effort equates the more reward.

By all means look around you , think of the names that come to mind when you say the word success; businessmen, lawyers, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and professionals. Now let’s look at this carefully of course they have accomplished some task, goal, achievement. Obviously, they have the worldly possessions that compliment their fitted lifestyle. Some may even have the luck of being fortunate enough to have the blessing of family steeped in happiness. However, are they truly successful? Have they truly maximized their potential to achieve? Is this what has been taught by society and now it has been realized and soon it will be reciprocated?

Some food for thought people success is really defined by you not by the comparison of the possessions and accomplishments of others. This is how you describe and write the literary devices that tell the story of  your life. Of course there are going to be obstacles and you will most likely be stumped by many. But it’s not about how many obstacles show up uninvited but it’s how you get through them. Ever heard of that proverb; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Well that’s exactly what you need to do. Stop what you are doing. Sit back and analyze what’s going on and decide the steps you need to take to your path, destination success. You see the most challenging not difficult but challenging part here is to take that single step and soon  you will take more steps and before you know it you have arrived at destination success and it’s time to enjoy the fruition of your journey.

It is important that you remember the journey to your success will most likely be an arduous trek. You see if it were easy you would not learn and your experience would be least memorable. Also, you would not have been able to grow from it and share it with others. So decide your destiny, make a decision, make a step, accept the reality that this trail is going to be different and embrace everything that is about to amaze you with an open mind and open heart. Promise yourself that in the weak moments this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to have a second chance at life. So for those weak moments take your time and power up because you will soon be baffled by destination success as it quaintly awaits your arrival. All the best!! Enjoy ;)