Destination Wedding- Trinidad & Tobago

         Destination Trinidad & Tobago

Fantasizing about the big day again, your dream wedding, the most memorable day of your life, the talk of the town? Ooh! Think Destination Weddings; a celebrity trend, exotic ecstasy, tropical allure and affordable extravaganza in sweet Trinidad and Tobago! Destination Weddings where true love is only a heartbeat away. Your happily ever after begins here. Where dreams come true & matrimonial bliss is heaven sent. What are you waiting for? Bring your love and come…

Where: Let’s go Trinidad and Tobago

Far away in the West Indies there lies the southernmost twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. Undeniably, Trinidad is the “Manhattan” of the Caribbean stimulating international business investment in public and private sectors. Tobago is more laid back but the idyllic dream of a corporate paradise with little to zero hassle or hustle.  The energy in the city is phenomenal. If not the only, this is the most multiethnic Caribbean society in its hemisphere. The history of its people depicts a tale of battles for colonial power and ownership. Today, the country is an independent Caricom state dominating powerful interests in oil and gas territories governed by the first ever female Prime Minister and coalition government politics in the Caribbean. Don’t worry you’ll fit right in, just take a look at a line from our national anthem, “Here every creed and race shall find an equal place.”

Sooo many choices:

This island was formerly part of the beautiful Amazon jungle. The topography is sculpted with lush mountains, forests, cascading waterfalls, tranquil mangroves, rivers, brown sugar cane sandy beaches and picturesque bird sanctuaries. The beauty and bounty of these islands will sweep you of your feet and take your breath away.


Menu?  Tantalize those taste buds

This melting pot brews the most exotic food from gourmet dining to road side hot spots tantalizing your taste buds with a frenzy of dishes from our rich culture and interracial heritage. Just ask host and food extraordinaire of Bizarre foods, Andrew Zimmerman. The gastronomy is mind blowing enticing visitors with the national dish pelau, a one pot meal that reflects the kaleidoscope of the people who came.  Tobago, the sister isle lures you with crab and dumpling another mouthwatering delicacy. Bake and shark, doubles, corn soup, callaloo, dhal and rice, roti and pastelle are just a few more signature temptations to tease your sense of taste and leave you yearning for more.



Wedding theme? I hope you can keep up

There are the typical options; beach, rainforest, church wedding but what if you can do so much more. The cultural and spiritual background of Trinidad and Tobago caters to you.   Just imagine one of kind themes to exchange your nuptials; a calypso wedding, a plantation wedding on a cocoa estate, an Indian wedding with half the cost, time and hassle to India. What about a traditional Tobago heritage wedding?


Places to go?

Discover all of these themes and amazing sites like The Caroni Bird Sanctuary, The Pitch Lake, The Wild Fowl Trust, The Asa Wright Nature Centre, The Water Front, The Main Ridge, The Mystery Tombstone in Plymouth, The Devil’s Wood yard, The Botanical Garden, The San Fernando Hills, The Temple on the Sea, the Look Out and infinite beaches, rainforests, historical, religious and cultural sites for you to choose from on both islands.

Things to do? All work and no play makes for a dull person!

Ever heard the expression “life is a party,” Down here in Trinidad and Tobago the party is always pumping and there is surely something to do for everyone.

From heritage sites, fancy nightclubs, fine dining, waterfront restaurants, aqua parks, agro parks, family entertainment, fashion houses, pilgrimages, golf  courses, plantations, chic shopping to street bargains, business expos, cultural festivals like Phagwa, Divali, Carnival, La Divina Pastora and Emancipation. Don’t forget catamaran cruises and extreme sports like power boat racing, goat racing, crab racing, scuba diving, bird watching, horseback riding, fishing, sailing, snorkeling, hiking, mountain biking, para sailing, wake boarding, banana boat riding, water skiing, kite flying and jet skiing.

Accommodation? Mi casa es su casa

Feel at home whether you are at high end international business chains like Hyatt, Mariott, Hilton, Crowne Plaza or the regal Carlton Savannah. Choose from several all inclusive beach resorts; Magdalena Grand, Salybia, Coco Reef, L’ grand Courland. Bed and breakfast inns at The Nest Visitor’s Accommodation or eco lodges like Foot prints Resort or Brasso Seco apartments on the Brasso Seco estate.



All packed?

Trinidad and Tobago continues to be astutely stout in its charge to compete with other places as a premier wedding destination. There is no other Caribbean destination quite like this one. “El secreto mejor guardado del mundo .“ It’s the best kept secret in the world so are you booking your ticket now to discover the hidden treasures that lie within or be the last to find out? Hmm, it seems like you are a bit unsure. Why don’t you take a few minutes to collect yourself and get ready for Trinidad and Tobago, The Journey, you are bound for matrimonial bliss. Enjoy!