Discover Emerge: The Premier Travel Consultancy in the Caribbean


Travel and tourism go hand in hand like  some good wine and blue cheese perfectly paired to complement each other. While they are mutually dependent on each other one is quickly being replaced by another, technology. Since the evolution of tech devices with cell phones and their savvy apps it becomes so much easier for the traveler to book or reserve their tailored vacation without the cost or time invested at established travel agencies. Technology is an elemental force to be reckoned with and it can be dubbed one of the factors responsible for the brutal blow to travel agencies worldwide. While the odds may be against some companies there is one travel consultancy firm that has managed to emerge out of it all and that is Discover Emerge.


After 25 years of experience in international and regional travel the company formally known as Emerge Travel can be considered the undisputed competition, the envy of many as well as the pillar of excellence in the Caribbean travel industry. But truly what sets this company apart from others is their intangible product. The person who puts this in practice is the 24hour hard working, creative, vibrant, stylish, hospitable, passionate socialite / travel consultant and CEO of Discover Emerge International Ltd, Mr. Rodney J. de Roche. This CEO ensures his Emerge clients are instantly inducted into the realm of elite and seamless travel. The VIP service and customer relations surpass above average ratings. Usually,cutting edge technology is used to book your reservation. However, his immediate sense of warm hospitality never ceases to maintain that family oriented vibe and personal touch.  Emerge manages to go above and beyond from procedure of reservation to package delivery ensuring client satisfaction always.

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Basically, the emerge consultancy strikes a balance between renown tradition, excellent service and an undeniable pledge to deliver customer satisfaction whilst leading the Caribbean as chief  travel consultancy firm with “super fly” innovative techniques.The product that this company offers spans from solicitation of travel information, personal trip planning, honey moon consultation and corporate travel in addition to a plethora of packages tailored to your style and budget. Today with just over 7,000 FaceBook “likes” their travel mission invites you to discover emerge, “Explore your world, Experience your world, Enjoy your world.”

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So emerge today by discovering emerge ….


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They are conveniently located at Caroni Savannah Road Chaguanas Trinidad.