Eastern Fusion Fashion in Trinidad

Fashion has always been a way for one to express oneself and make a statement about one’s identity without saying a word. It is more profound than surface appeal to increase one’s attractiveness. It delves with a psychology of colours as each colour has its own meaning. Similarly each fabric whether silk or cotton attracts particular vibrations and energies. When the Indians arrived to Trinidad they brought their customs and their ways of dressing. Some of those remain inherent in the styles of Trinidadian styling today. Silver toe rings were worn in pairs on the second toe of each foot on a woman. It is said that this custom had certain reproductive health benefits for the woman. Also it was insisted that the ring ought to be silver to better absorb energies from the earth that would pass through the body and refresh the being wearing the toe ring. Bangles were cited as having benefits of keeping energy in the body and helping women with blood circulation. Nose rings were marked for benefits of reducing pain when the married woman goes into labour. It is believed that the nose ring would connect with a nerve that runs through that part of the body.


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Of course there is a glaring difference in perception of colour by persons in the Western world versus persons in the Eastern parts like India and Pakistan. We live in modern day Trinidad, an island in the Western Hemisphere juxtapose to Eastern and Western influences. This makes our culture and fashion even more vibrant and dynamic. Our creatives steadily made their move in fusion fashion. Local “fashionpreneurs” who recognized the importance of ethnicity to our culture (even those who have an affinity for East meets West trends) picked up the pace to fill the gaps and deliver fashion tailored to anyone interested in the Eastern Fusion Fashion niche in Trinidad. They identified fabrics, materials, tones and trends with the Trinidadian in mind and created looks that suited the Caribbean woman. The top local Eastern Fusion Fashion designer brands are House of Jaipur,  Neha Karina and Aiela Fashions.


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House of Jaipur is owned by Dhisha Moorjani. She was born to Indian parentage and raised in an Indian home in Trinidad. After her parents passed she devoted her love for them into the brand House of Jaipur. She converted her parents’ home into a beautiful boutique that offers persons the chance to experience Indian lifestyle and culture. She has several Indian fashion fusion lines, luxury resort wear, festival wear and modern Indian wear that she designed herself. There is a tea room for persons to gorge on Indian delicacies and sip from a chai bar. She also curates lifestyle pieces at her store so you can take away not only memories but a piece of the House of Jaipur experience with you. House of Jaipur located at #14 O’Connor Street Woodbrook was recently renovated and has been transformed even more to entertain and excite your senses when you visit!


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Neha Karina, the brand is very versatile. It is owned by Neha Dawar who is from India . She is of mixed parentage Trinidadian and Indian. Neha lives in Trinidad now. She has also completed her studies in India, Dubai and locally at  The Caribbean Academy for Fashion and Design. Neha has an online fashion and beauty series called Coffee and Lipstick. She is also a stylist and marketing consultant. This designer focuses on youthful ethnic  bridal wear, festival wear as well as contemporary wear. You are almost guaranteed to find a striking statement piece in her store and I dare you not to leave without it. Persons can also collaborate with Neha and book a custom fitting for a style they may be interested in wearing. She also stocks stationery and a few lifestyle pieces for those interested.  Neha Karina is located at Hilton Hotel in Trinidad.


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Last but not least is ethnic designer, Sharmila Maharaj.  Affectionately called Mila this designer is also a trained aesthetician, Mehendi artist  and beauty expert. Born to a Brazilian mother and a Trinidadian father she grew up with two cultures. The Trinidadian community she grew up in and quality time with her friends from the East played  huge roles in sculpting Mila’s attraction to the Eastern world. She is an avid jet setter and immerses herself in whichever culture and demographic that she interacts with. It is therefore no surprise to me that her journey in life has taken her creative soul on this path to create a supply of ethnic “athleisure” and contemporary ethnic fusion wear for the demand that is needed in Trinidad. She is the first person in Trinidad to create an athletic leisure “athleisure” hijab. She has also taken note of what is fashionably trending globally and used appropriate forecasting for her local debut. Her recent collection boasted of scarves, maxi shirt dresses and funky Samosa pants  just to name a few. Her clothing can be described as exclusively modest and reasonably priced. Mila’s boutique is based in Central Trinidad. You can browse her boutique collection online and discover a whole new world of fashionable clothing and accessories that have been awaiting your arrival all this time.


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So folks if you did not know where to get your Eastern Fusion Fashion vibes now you do!

May the positive  energies from these pieces find a way to your closet!!!

May the designers continue to ignite the souls of you and others with their passion and creativity!