Ecstasy in a box- Abraham’s Grill Hut

abrahams(a photo of Abraham’s Grill Hut courtesy their Facebook page


 After months of not being able to take you guys up on your offer I finally made it! As you may have guessed it this is my gratitude post to my darling sweethearts at Abraham’s Grill Hut at Munroe Road near the Fly Over! I am going to jump straight into my review! All I can say is Oh My Word you continue to  astound me with exemplary service and baffle me with your gifts.The shift manager “Sammy” was on point  just as well! Customer service and  knowledge of menu were key mannerisms that did not fail him!

As I saw the sign lighting up behind the counter on the Red Snapper now available like the glitter bag inside me just exploded to say, “Yes I will have that too” and so I did have my red snapper, loaded potato and stuffed ravioli( sweet heaven was so awesome). My friend opted for mashed potatoes and barbequed chicken. We ordered separately cajun chicken pasta for a guest of ours. We were most pleased with the exceptional food; appearance, quality and quantity.

2014-05-23 20.00.03(Red Snapper, Loaded Potato, Stuffed Ravioli)

2014-05-23 20.00.21(Barbecued Chicken and Mashed Potatoes)

2014-05-23 19.59.49(Cajun Chicken Pasta)

 However, we were most captivated by our desserts. Oh my God! These three words pretty much summarize our ecstasy in a box. My friend had chocolate eruption which is actually more mousse than cake and it was so divine (this I know because obviously I had to have a piece of that cake!) I ordered caramel cheesecake! I have not had such premium tasting cheesecake in over three years ( a story for another time about when I was surrounded by some of the world’s best dessert chefs that this hemisphere has to offer). Look Out World Trinidad Chefs Are Taking Over!

2014-05-23 20.53.11(Chocolate Eruption)

2014-05-23 20.53.26(Caramel Cheesecake)


So I have finally convinced myself that the secret recipe of success is…. wait for it…. “love“. Of course not any daytime soap opera love duh! Rumour has it that some of the best culinary dishes taste better because it is made by the hands of love. Abraham’s owners love what they are doing and it should not be a secret that this love for their food and people is so overwhelming that it will always guide them to find the right staff (who feel the same way)! Undeniably, this love energy is so darn strong that it is transferred to the food and to the customers.

Rest assured many of you can relate to this. You can see and feel what I describe when you walk into Abraham’s. There is love amongst the staff working together as a team. But it does not stop there. Look around and you will see families, friends, couples and all their endless love.

So fellow restauranteurs and potential start ups while business models, sound management principles and the best education and skilled staff in the universe may help you make some waves in the food industry there is one thing that stands the test of time in any successful business….(I am going to borrow somebody’s tag line here but it is so fitting I can’t help it) ….please remember “love is all you need”.

So from the team at Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago

We would like to say

Thank you for hosting us!

We continue to look out for better things to come!

Thank you