Fashion destination – Zadd and Eastman Designs


Dare to be different then get acquainted with Zadd and Eastman Designs. These names are synonymous with cutting edge Caribbean fashion.  This duo is reckoned as the fashion elite among others. They belong to two different racial origins yet their platonic relationship brings out the best in their performance as always in the multiethnic society of Trinidad and Tobago. Their emergence on the global scene sets the stage for runway couture. They are noted for their ready to wear hand painted pieces. Regardless of style and design Zadd and Eastman are two patriots who always depict Caribbean hues. Truly, this keeps that Caribbean aesthetic in their garments that reflect Zadd and Eastman Designs.

Omzad Khan and Nigel Eastman are two gentlemen from South Trinidad. They originate from Point Fortin. From time immemorial these designers have been a favourite with the community first and the international stage thereafter. Their creativity in innovation is noteworthy. Yet, it is their humility, compassion and empathy with their clientele that have ensured customer loyalty. Hither to this the community continues to endorse their own. Usually, they are booked throughout the year so if one wants to get a booking this must be done early. Nevertheless, you can’t afford to miss out on owning one of their unique pieces. A Zadd and Eastman ensemble guarantees you a head turner if not a few head turns. You will be stunning in your choice of design. They brand their clothes and sell Caribbean pride.

Designers’ credibility has always been challenged and these two aced that challenge with perfect scores. They have graced the sets of Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) in Jamaica. CFW has been dubbed by British Vogue as the most important trend setter event. Also, Zadd and Eastman participated in Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week. They were invited to champion their designs at the biggest fashion event in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, “Fashion Caribbean 2010”. Zadd and Eastman belong to The Designer Critic Project 2011 at The University of Trinidad and Tobago. This is a program to critique and guide aspiring fashion designers. Besides this their pieces were modeled in a fashion show for the spouses of the delegates attending The Summit of The Americas in Trinidad. Miss Trinidad and Tobago’s Miss World and Miss Universe representatives have been dressed by Zadd and Eastman. They have styled and dressed celebrities some of who include Grammy award gospel artist; Dottie Peoples, Camille Mc Donald; second place winner on Tyra Banks America’s Next Top Model show and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. Undeniably, these south guys have surpassed critiques and won their credibility challenge.

Essentially, some of the best kept secrets are in plain sight. Zadd and Eastman Designs have been in the public domain for years. Whilst fashionistas may have a clue or two of these designs there are others who have been left in the dark. Ignorance is certainly not bliss but just passé. The ownership of one of these designs can leave you with unforgettable memories of fashion well received. Daring, different and dynamic Zadd and Eastman have broken cross cultural barriers. They have rejuvenated an industry that needs particular attention. They are national icons for bringing to light an avenue of diversification in the Trinidad and Tobago’s economy. Zadd and Eastman are real pioneers in their field. They have opened Pandora’s Box and spread the word that there is dignified skill and talent right within their country. They have placed Trinidad and Tobago on the Fashion map. These fashion moguls have proven the nation to be worthy of a second glance. Their designs represent a dream that has become a reality. Simply, Zadd and Eastman Designs are collections of rare luxuries discovered on a journey to Caribbean personification.