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Fashion That Rocks was hosted on the 27th September 2014 by local designer Jelesha Cunningham of design label Jay Jay’s Designs at the Point Fortin Town Hall. This was a fundraising fashion event. It was a contributory show to support her ‘send off’ to showcase her Trinidadian designs in a Houston fashion show later this year. In addition, this was also her debut of the collection entitled Ethel named after her grandmother. Other designers included RastaChiq Creationz, Kern Bess, Kendy’s Designs, K’s Image Jewelry, Afrodisiac, Daww Creations and many more. These collections covered swimwear, resort wear, urban wear, street style, menswear and kids wear. Jewelry sets and accessories like hand bags were also featured on the runway. One designer, Kern Bess also sought to introduce the patrons to a bit of avant garde fashion with creative dresses made of newspaper stuck together by tape.

20140927_214341The feature designer for the night was Jelesha Cunningham. She is the protege of iconic Trinidadian designer duo Zadd and Eastman who also hail from Point Fortin. Jelesha’s most valuable asset is her ability to play with design. This is an artistic direction that will guide her end result. Her apparent humble nature has reinforced her ability to understand her clientele, their demand, needs and the execution of the delivery of their requests. This comes across quite clearly on the runway in the fit of the clothing to the size of the models. Some of her designs catered to a niche of average to medium built and plus size women (who are often forgotten in the designer fashion industry). Hence, this experience and innate quality guides her to tailor design to supply this demand. This basic business principle is sometimes overlooked by many entrepreneurs. (The golden catch is when the designer foresees what the client needs or will need and want but the client does not yet expect. )

20140927_224145Her collection also revealed her skill to style different cuts and her drive to manipulate design (which is extremely nifty when designing for the everyday woman with the regular fashion problems; tummy bulges etc). In essence, designers do not always have to create something new because new does not guarantee good design. Furthermore, people must understand that creation is “something from which nothing had begot…” which means the act of making or doing something that never existed before. This is where innovation comes into play by the skill to use different materials, colours, textures, patterns, prints, cuts, stitches and accessories (zips, buttons, embellishments). Thankfully, Jelesha has acquired this savor faire as this is again blatant in her Ethel collection. Overall, she managed a good turn out of patrons for her event who thoroughly enjoyed her show.

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Jay Jay’s Designs has the potential to be a local household name as well as an internationally acclaimed brand.

20140927_224910To: Jay Jay Cornwall
We love your purple hair! Congratulations on the new collection!
We wish you the best in your future endeavors
We would like to extend our gratitude to your assistant
Chantelle Edwards who was very professional, sincere and accommodating to us
From: Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago