Food Tourism; The little “Arabian Place” at Price Plaza, Central Trinidad.

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One of the most beautiful things about Trinidad and Tobago other than its tropical landscape and its people is the culinary delights of paradise. I am forever grateful to the motherland that is Mother Trinidad and Tobago for embracing ethnicity and their influence to this island. Really, if it were not for all these cosmopolitan people we would never have the joys and relishes of variety in cuisine and suffice it to say, “freedom of choice.”

It is without hesitation that I give you a raving review of the best kept Arabian secret in Central Trinidad. I have yet to find out the real name of this enchanting food parlour that fills my palate and heart to its fullest content.

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My little “Arabian Place” is set up at Price Plaza in Central Trinidad.This place is easily accessible. It is situated next to a bakery type parlour.  It is within eyesight from the Movietowne’s exit. It can also be seen on entering the car park. On entering you may hear the sweet melody of Arabian music. The décor is simple as the walls are painted in light hues of colour. There is seating on the left and right side of the venue leaving the middle open and free for walk in customers. The physical appearance is aesthetically clean.

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Patrons can also come in and dine or takeout. The food menu is extensive. One can choose from salads, rice, garlic potatoes, humus, fish, chicken, shrimp and so much more. I would recommend the tabouli salad, garlic potatoes and the fish (I don’t eat chicken). The portion sizes are plentiful. I guarantee one of their servings can be portioned out for 2 or 3 servings unless you are extremely hungry and accustomed to this consumption.

In retrospect, I had an unbearable Arabian food craving a few weeks ago. Immediately, I went to the little “Arabian Place.” I arrived super late but the Syrian gentlemen ushered me in and offered their service. They were so patient and attentive. Unfortunately, their servings of fish were finished so the choices were narrowed for me. Then by a spark of Syrian warmth and genuine hospitality they decided to go above and beyond. They  offered to get me the grilled fish if I agreed to wait until it was done. Quickly, I placed my order for fish and garlic potatoes. As promised within 20 minutes it was done. The service was immaculate and the food was delectable. They were so gentle mannered, courteous and good humored.  For weeks even today I can’t stop raving over the food but mostly the fabulous and impressionable service.


Oh Mother Trinidad and Tobago thank you for being my birthplace. Thank you for blessing me with the luxuries of culinary treasures. Mostly, thank you for the overwhelming warmth of a true “Trinbagonian” people.