French Dining in Trinidad

I was absolutely mesmerized when I first saw photos of Chef Khalil Ali’s work on his Facebook page. I could not believe that this native to Trinidad was so versed in french cooking skills. Of course I did learn that he trained and also built his portfolio globally. I guess like all birds that leave the nest this one eventually returned home to share his experience and gift with the locals. He opened his cafe in Port of Spain and it became a popular spot for many who appreciate French cuisine and five star food.He closed this Port of Spain cafe and reopened in Chaguanas at Caroni Savannah Road some years later.

There is an open floor plan with comfortable seating at his new cafe. The decor is not overdone or too quaint. There is a faint Parisian vibe from the paintings on the wall to the almost terrace like appeal of sitting with your coffee whilst watching the busy world on the streets. However, we live in a very humid climate so from indoors amidst the air conditioning we can still thoroughly enjoy this scene. A touch of life and a pop of colour is added with a single yellow flower to each table. The usefulness of old wine bottles as vases for these flowers is even more rustic. The Parisian music further captures and enhances the French ambiance.

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His menu is not restricted to French cuisine as there are some local fusions on the menu as well.The food portions are sufficient and the rates are affordable. There is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chef Ali has exclusive and decadent gourmet desserts, pastries and breads. Hot and cold beverages are also available. These range from coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices.

While dining there my colleague and I opted for pumpkin soup and a chicken wrap. We were greeted with menus and the waiting time for food to table was not very long. Moreover, the staff was courteous and friendly. They kept us informed on wait time for our meal. We were very pleased with the meals. The food was flavorful and delicious. We were also able to take away our leftovers (because we were pressed for time).

Nonetheless, the sweet strains of French music  set the tone for the day. It allowed anyone dining to escape to destination France while relishing in their delightful meals in one location,Trinidad. It is my opinion that meal times should never be rushed but sometimes hectic lifestyles do not afford us the luxury of a parsimonious breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, when one gets the opportunity to indulge they can choose to enjoy great food and even better company in French style.

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Undeniably, what appealed to me the most was how much this cafe stood out amongst its competition. Its simplicity and old world charm yet new age sleekness is astonishing. This experience really put me in my zone too (so bad that I only remembered to buckle up my seat belt about half hour after departure from Peche Patisserie). Those of you who do not know what my zone is it is a state of ecclesiastical bliss and inner peace. It is a state of balance where the energy that surrounds me becomes a positive beacon for life.

Notwithstanding, food specially crafted by skilled hands with a soul that is passionate and purely benevolent with such talent will inevitably transfer light and love to the cafe, staff and customers who consume the chef’s offerings. It is obvious that Chef Ali understands and appreciates his craft very well. Again, this is clearly visible throughout the entire establishment from front line to back line all the way to the different points of service encounters.

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We look forward to supporting Peche Patisserie as patrons of their business now and in the future.

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