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It seems like Men are becoming quite conscious of their fashion sense as they seek out new ways to express themselves and stand out from the crowd. Alpha Male, Emo Male you name it they all share the collective conscience of finding a way to express themselves. Fashion is so powerful it is not just an art or the science of tailoring and styling colours and looks for particular profiles or personas. It is more than a mere euphemism that can be used for the greater good one that provides the basic need of clothing. It also allows the individual to express themselves, their moods through the colour they decide to wear. An outfit well put together can reveal one’s aura and impact everyone that they come in contact with whether at an interview for their dream job, a client meeting, a first date and of course the many social gatherings that pop up in life. Patterns, prints and cuts help define one’s individuality but a man’s sense of style is the ultimate wielding power of the dapper!

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Don’t take my word for it just read the infinite research columns online and the same threads appear. The intervention of e-commerce and e-tailers have revolutionized men’s shopping experience. What do guys love more than their football and women…if you guessed technology ding! ding! Mucho Correcto! There are infinite blogs and styling guides to keep men updated with trends and different looks they can incorporate into their wardrobe. According to research by MarketLine the world’s menswear market is expected to exceed $402 billion in 2014. This figure has been indicated to represent a market expansion of more than 14% over a five year time span. In the United Kingdom menswear has increased sales for designers by over 40 and 50 %. It is even anticipated that the 25-34 age group is expected to increase by 11 % between 2012-2017. These men are less interested in trends. However, the 16-24 age group buy fewer but better quality items and are huge fans of online shopping and multichannel retailers. Both groups are expected to drive sales in the future.

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The Caribbean including Trinidad is not to be left behind as our  creatives have designed an island aesthetic full of colour and attitude that reflects the life in this island paradise. The circumstances of Trinidadian and by extension Caribbean men from slavery, immigration and the black power movement to name a few have sculpted our men. Today, they are professionals, intellects skilled in their craft with labours of love as fathers, care takers and bread winners who exude strength in brotherhood. Their fashion tells a story and depicts a paradox of complexity in multiculturalism and simplicity in humility. In Trinidad there are several designers who assist in sharing  this island story.


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So while The Dapper himself David Beckham is launching his new underwear collection in the United Kingdom we in the Caribbean are getting ready to start our own movement! We are exploring our creativity and taking advantage of that space to develop our own elixir of life in the power of fashion backed by innovation and realized through entrepreneurship.

Keep Styling & Keep Smiling


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