Hafiz Grill and Pasta Hut


It was a breezy tropical night on the beautiful isle of Trinidad. I was starving as my dinner time had already expired. There was so little time with my other engagement taking place in about 2 hours. I had to find a restaurant and I really was not settling for a typical fast food night. Finally, my friends and I decided to head down to Dinsley Junction.  We turned left and continued on the main road. The hunt was definitely on for some quality food and ambiance at a reasonable price! I know way too much wishful thinking right! As we approached some food shops I saw  a grill and pasta hut that looked clean and the car park was near full. I wailed for the driver and my friends to stop! We scampered out the vehicle and into Hafiz Grill & Pasta Hut for a very chillax evening!

The interior decor at Hafiz is chic but not overdone. The decor boasts of warm tones of red and green with chic chandeliers. The couches are perfect for customers waiting to pick up their order. The dining area also has some classy looks with details of glass tables. The seating at the window is accompanied by soft lit candles for couples or pairs. It stirs ample vibes for friendship, close family and loved ones. The music is hip and not too loud just enough to keep the ambiance lively without people falling asleep or turning it into a sports bar! Hafiz Grill and Pasta Hut is fabulous for family and the loved ones to catch up on old times or spend quality time together. Obviously, they put a lot of thought into every stage of decor and site planning. There is even an employee outside in the car park for security and parking purposes. How cool is that?! Especially since that particular main road is always enveloped with traffic!


Hafiz Grill  and Pasta Hut has a variety of menu selections. There are lamb, fish, chicken  combos, popcorn chicken, burgers, pastas, smoothies, dessert cakes and milk shakes.  The smiling, dancing very skilled chef gives you the food! You can see what’s going on in the kitchen since it is directly in front of you.The price is right at Hafiz Grill and Pasta Hut. There were 5 orders with drinks and we could not complain about the food bill because it was under TTD$200.00. The quantity is more than enough for one serving! Usually, when I order an overpriced dinner I never have leftovers. My pasta primavera was steeped in marinara sauce and I was able to have 3 portions from that one serving. My friends were surprised when they ordered combos and I was the first to be served. They anticipated that pasta would have taken longer and I would have been served last. They were even more astonished that the popcorn chicken came in such a huge quantity and was so yummy even including a side of fries.

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I am such a food critic when it comes to dining out. I guess my experience from being around international chefs from high end hotels and restaurants when I travel can be blamed for this as well as my passion for hospitality and tourism. I look at customer service, cleanliness, ambiance, quality, quantity of food and pricing among other things. They topped my checklist. My friends and I all loved the “Hafiz Experience” . The owners obviously have a vision for this place and I can’t wait to see only better, more exciting and fabulous things to come from Hafiz Grill and Pasta Hut!

If you are ever in the area I recommend Hafiz Grill and Pasta Hut!

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