Iris Atsin – La Parisienne

inviOui! Oui! Oui! Take me to Paris!
Friday evening started off a bit stormy. I almost did not leave my house. But I felt like I owed it to Parisian designer, Iris Atsin to come out and support her first launch in Trinidad. After all she is “head over heels” in love with the island. In addition, the team at Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago embraces those who share the same patriotic heart for our twin island republic.

The nitty gritty … Who is Iris Atsin? I have no idea really?! From the looks of things she seems to be a pretty long locked, brown sugar, tall, colour eyed french designer. All I know is the little buzz I saw on social media at Tobago Fashion Weekend, a few local magazine interviews  and of course her bold move to change  launch dates with me so that we would both attend each others’ events. ( So kind of her although due to unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel mine).

bran(photo courtesy IRIS ATSIN ltd)
La Parisienne Collection Launch took place at The Carlton Savannah. This was an excellent choice to use a local gem of a hotel. There was a good turn out although the rain brought some patrons late.  Those who cancelled or who left because they felt they may have died in anticipation if they waited for any more surely missed out. One does not get a second chance at first impressions or in this case a second chance to get a first impression of Iris Atsin’s first collection launch in our paradise isle.

look(photo courtesy
Sir Charles hosted for the evening. But the collection did not need a host. The collection spoke, it sang and told me all I needed to know about Iris before I even met her. Parisian music blasted from the speakers and the models hit the runway! Each model’s hairstyle and make up was on point. They looked like Parisian dolls. Swim suits bustled down the runway to the beat of Jamaican artiste, Gyptian’s “Hold you” and international hit “Am I wrong?” by Afro Norwegian duo Nico and Vinz. Evening wear, business wear, day to night wear and  resort wear captivated the audience. The models had a touch of class and were not scantily clad. They were trained very well. Their walks were choreographed so well they were switched up every now and then. (Attention to detail makes for an eventful fashion show!) There were vibrant hues and muted tones that contrast between patterns, prints and solids.

french(photo courtesy

It felt like Iris Atsin gave birth to a french creole concept, a Caribbean genre aptly a new Trinidadian aesthetic. The tailoring was precise. There were no copied looks. Every piece was fresh, elegant, modern and wearable! Yes! wearable, this has retail value. My jaw dropped every single time an outfit came down the runway. It dawned on me that Iris Atsin just gifted Trinidad with her  “love child” La Parisienne. Undeniably, we  must learn from her as well as  nurture, support and help her blossom in any way that we can if we are to become a collective community, the creative class that would rise and build the nation’s fashion identity and the Trinidad and Tobago destination brand.

ia(photo courtesy

The designer finally came out behind the curtains to do the final walk. Although, she appeared a bit shy there was power in her beauty. I guess the unwavering question lay heavy on her mind about  how her collection was received that night?! She “high fived” her models and congratulated them on a job well done. Indeed, it was a job well done. Of course I would know this since it was over and I was still reeling with excitement and my heart over bubbling with passion. There is hope for the industry! There is hope that there are those who will unite, collaborate, support and uplift the nation. (Thank you Jesus!)

irisat(photo courtesy

Soon Sir Charles then invited everyone to have some sips by the bar, to mingle with Iris Atsin and to meet the models and look at some items she had on display also available for retail. She also does shoes, handbags and accessories.  I opted to forgo the red wine and meet up with Iris. Her french accent was so heavy and unmistakeable. She was gorgeous yet humble and anxious still to hear how her collection was received (as any designer would have been). She made time out to speak to anyone who approached her. What a beautiful person ( tears up). It would not be a surprise if her collection sells out immediately! (I could see myself in every piece and I am almost certain so does everyone else!)


La Parisienne, the french connection by Iris Atsin was well received by all. Whether she knows this or not she is breaking barriers by uniting cultures and diaspora. Trinidad is one of the most diverse countries in the Caribbean. Last Friday evening she complimented this by giving us another identity  in the form of fashion one of the most powerful expressions a people can be proud of and truly thankful.

From the team at Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago we wish you the best of luck in your journey during your stay here in Trinidad. Again, Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago and we are most delighted to have you with us.

To connect with Iris Atsin for more on her collection you can check out her links below