Jazzy Vibes; Tablespoon Coffee and Dessert House

If you have been to Coffee Bean in Barbados or  have developed that love and appreciation for the time and effort put into Cafe decor, seating structure, customer service, cleanliness and ambience then you will count your lucky stars and jump up and down like me at Tablespoon Coffee and Dessert House. Monday 26th August 2013 was a monumental day in my calendar. I finally  made it to Tablespoon Coffee & Dessert House after religiously following them from inception to the raving “foodie” reviews.  This quaint, rustic, jazzy vibed coffee house can be found on the Eastern Main Road in Curepe just a few buildings down from Hi Lo Food Stores. Their opening hours are usually 10 am until 6 pm between Monday to Friday.
2013-08-26 12.24.45
My particular jaunt for lunch led me to the Coffee House. Upon entering my restaurant radar started buzzing. Again my restaurant and hospitality experience accompanied by my burning love for food among other things can be blamed for this habit. Tablespoon Coffee & Dessert House is small but their tactful use of space must be commended in the coffee hues of brown wood accents, furniture and soft lights. I really like the idea of the scented candle and jazzy notes. The plates and cups were not matchy matchy and I applaud this table decision to mix it up and dare to be different! Personally, I believe this careful consideration given to structure and detail guarantees a customer flow at Tablespoon Coffee and Dessert House. This is our “trini” spin on the Bajan Coffee Bean and may I be a little bit ostentatious to say it has something extra but  my lips are sealed! Come EXPERIENCE for yourself!
2013-08-26 12.35.50
Tablespoon  is the most appropriate addition to the St. Augustine/Curepe area popular for lecturers, business professionals and students who may be interested in a tasteful breakfast meditation, quick lunch getaway, business meeting or casual dates with their cohorts at a real Coffee House. However, it is unique because the  cafe culture caters to all persons. Yes I said all! It is the first cafe I’ve been to in a long time that’s been done for the people by the people! Simply you see all different types of customers here. Couples, students, elderly, vegetarians and the average Joe or Jane.Their recipe is crafted in their personal relationship with their customers as they treat you like their own. Always going the extra mile to make their customers satisfied and happy. In addition, the tuna sandwich and crostone are exceptional !  Yes this means quality of food, quantity,  cost, presentation and of course customer service delivery all vie for a  5 star position in my gourmet books.
2013-08-26 13.43.31
I must commend  Chef Bean who is an exemplary young lady in the food and beverage industry. If I could give her an award I most certainly would have done it already! I believe She not only has the knowledge, skills and abilities to venture into this business but a hell of a lot of passion and personality; a winning combo to make her business the best in Trinidad thus far! She owned her information by confidently rattling of the contents of her creations. But it doesn’t stop there this was heightened by her very enticing food sales pitch that makes customers want to just buy buy buy! She also knows how to quickly counteract any  grievances that customers may experience if any at all.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her customer service blue print execution. She effectively dealt with any situation that may arise in her Coffee House.  She cooked, served, cashed, took orders and helped out in whichever way she could she truly is a chef who is in command of her kitchen and House!
2013-08-26 12.26.32
 Since returning to Trinidad in 2010 my impression of the restaurant business was understood to favor certain establishments even the Coffee House Model which must be built in the environment that predisposes that particular crowd in order to be successful. However, I learned something new on Monday. It dawned on me that once a chef has that passion for her craft she can easily cultivate the culture in her domain with a support staff like Tablespoon’s there’s no need for specific environments because once the culture is maintained the experience would always be beyond fabulous!  I guess the “foodies” in the “food universe” were listening to my plight for a premium, authentic local coffee experience as they sought to give me something better at Tablespoon Coffee and Dessert House.

Cheers to the entire staff and their Chef Bean for their poise to set the standard in our food and beverage industry and lead by charting a new way forward in the local restaurant and coffee business in Trinidad.

Thank you again for your hospitality