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Famed local designer Neil Young hails from Cascade, Trinidad. He has been in the “glambition” business for about three years professionally. However, he has been around this type of business for most of his life. Neil’s family is involved in this type of business so there is little to no surprise that he vicariously learned about design, fashion and glam for most of his life. Future clients can find Neil Young and Company Limited as well as The Glam Bar on the Corner of Ariapita Avenue and Gallus Street in Woodbrook. Neil Young’s designer aesthetic can be described as having a focus on international appeal, high quality and high fashion for the modern day chic woman. However, this year Neil will be debuting for the first time ever his bridal boutique which is a holistic concept boutique that will be open throughout the year and caters to more than just the June bride.

Neil Young’s Bride in Pearl Embellished Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress for Bride

Neil Young has noted a few trends for bridal season 2017. Popular silhouettes for this season appear to be the sleek fitted types like the mermaid dress. Details are trendy this year with brides  having a fancy for decorated ensembles particularly pearls and “bling”. There is also a movement away from the traditional white to a more colourful palette with tones of rose gold, ivory and blush fabrics for wedding day wear. Yet, the most consistent trend Neil has noted is sanctioned by the demand of the brides who want more than just a gown. They want a one stop shop where they can have access to additional services other than a wedding dress or outfits for the bridal party, bridal boutique will feature styling services, hairdressing, makeup, décor, wedding favors, wedding invitations, catering and wedding planning to name a few. A concept boutique like this would eliminate stress of finding suppliers and hiring and stretching the bride from one end to another just to get everything together for one of the biggest projects she will ever manage in her life; her wedding day.

Wedding Invitation


As a creative he has to decipher his role and his contribution to the world via the gift he has been given. Although Neil is exceptional at his work in design he is driven to deliver excellence based on his need to fulfill his purpose. Simply, Neil believes he has been vested with the power to create positive change through design. His clients are mostly women who come in all shapes and sizes with so many personalities and a plethora of energies and vibes. Over the past few years Neil has realized that women are very emotional creatures and some of them are misguided into thinking that they need to depend on their significant other or best friend to make them feel more confident or empowered to take over the world. He thinks this is where his path crosses theirs.  He is approached with the opportunity to use design to create something that will make the woman will be able to keep with her. The completed piece will make her look good and feel good too.

Wedding Dress Fitting

Gown for Client Photo Shoot

Neil’s creative process is not just a one off or one way type of approach. Often creatives appear to be affected by the natural elements of the world. Often Neil is found recharging his creative soul in the tranquility of early mornings at the poolside where he gets in the frame of mind to be the super hero of his day. In addition, Neil hones his creativity with visits to the fabric shop. He has been compared to a kid in the candy store when he visits these shops. I guess it is safe to say that creative design inspires Neil Young. Bolts of fabric bearing a multitude of patterns and prints provoke his thought and instantly he begins the creative thinking process.  Nonetheless Neil has adopted certain skills to enable a dual process in his art form. He has learned the art of listening to his client, learning about their personality, discovering their energy and vibe and working these tenets into design. However, the most certain thing here is he has befriended change. He admits that he has accepted that change is inevitable. There were many times in his experience of working with design that an original or first attempt changed creative direction and morphed into a totally different look.

Bridesmaids Dresses in Rose Gold with Pearl Waistbands  by Neil Young

Flower Girl Dress by Neil Young

Neil Young is an upcoming fashion designer who brings differentiation to the local fashion market. He is one of the most sought after emerging fashion designers that this twin island state has to offer. He also designs for men which makes his one stop bridal boutique even more appealing for brides to be. Neil’s global appeal and haute couture finish is perfect for modern day destination brides who wish to marry in Trinidad and Tobago. There is little need for the client to worry about putting together herself and her wedding day as Neil Young and his team are quite competent and capable of getting the job done. Trinidad has just become even more attractive to those brides to be, those vow renewal couples, bridal parties and wedding guests worldwide. The destination already boasts of cultural diversity and naturally gorgeous sites for hosting wedding ceremonies and receptions. Now, the destination bride can have more. She does not just have to wait for a season to do so as she can thoroughly enjoy her bridal experience minus exorbitant custom check in dress fees, wrinkles, dry cleaning woes and drama of every caliber imaginable.

Blush Bow Ties

Customized Wedding Shoes

 The bride and her entourage can rest assured that their outfits will be created for them. This design will be an invaluable memento that transcends decades. These gowns will stand out in crowds as they will be unique creations from the designer’s creative mind and that of the bride. Neil’s gowns can be used at many other events celebrating life’s successes. They can be taken back to the bride’s host country and serve as a reminder that she has committed to marriage and the union of two souls. However, it is more of a motivational memory that she has created positive change by supporting a local small business and a local economy by her purchase power. Also it strives to be an emblem prompting her to aspire to create her own happiness by keeping herself well maintained or doing little things to make her look good and feel good about herself so that she is ready to use her gifts, to fulfill her purpose and consequently be her own superhero.

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Neil Young and Co. Ltd

(The dress second from the left designed by Neil Young & Co Ltd)


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