Level Up or Bow out !!!

Level Up!


The name itself is catchy and surmises connotations of “pushing the bar” rather competing with your regular self to be your better and eventually best self.

Who is the mastermind behind Level Up?

Level Up is owned by former University of the West Indies graduate, Sevastar Ramlogan. Among many other accolades to this title he is also a model. Sevastar is a passionate, ambitious and a young entrepreneur. While fitness and health may not have been in his pursued field of study they are lifestyle traits that define the young Ramlogan. Sevastar is undeniably a fitness buff so he understands the plight of persons who would like to get fit and in shape for health reasons, athletic reasons or even just because they want to  be their best self. His outgoing personality and love for life, health and fitness resulted in his lovechild; Level Up.  Sevastar is always willing to go above and beyond for his clients to help them get on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. His mantra states, “Set your goals and achieve them! No-one is going to do it for you.”


(Photo Credit : Sevastar Ramlogan featured in OMG Magazine)

What is Level Up?

Level Up is a gym and supplement / nutrition store conveniently located along the Southern Main Road, Carapichaima in Central Trinidad. The customer service there is “leveling up” to premier products and premium quality just for you. Their opening hours are Monday – Friday from 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  and Saturdays – Sundays from 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The in store supplements include protein powders among other vital gym supplies for the fitness fanatic. The store has also expanded to include a gourmet health and food section. So persons who are dieting or have a fancy for gourmet food can also get their supplies right there. Some of these products include Greek yogurt, organic chocolate, quinoa pasta, gluten free flour, organic bread, almond butter, coconut water, health bars, snacks and so much more.

20150705_135320(Some delectable gluten free cinnamon raisin bread I baked from a gluten free bread mix I bought at Level Up! Who knew baking bread was this easy?!  I just read the instructions, mixed the batter, allowed time for the raising of the bread. Then I popped that mix in the oven and voila!!!)

protein powderorganic

Level Up is also doing a promotion next week for all those health and fitness buffs!

There will be lots of samples and surprises in store!!!!


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We would like to wish Sevastar Ramlogan 

all the best in his endeavors !!!

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