Maday Maday! Resort Bug Alert!

While Trinidad has been famed for being the New York of the Caribbean or The Metropolitan Hub of the West Indies it is only obvious that we would see meetings, investment, conventions and enterprise developments to ally with our tourism sector. Special interest tourism niches have been developing to keep close to our vision from our National Tourism Policy as part and parcel to diversify our economy. A nation dependent on oil and gas and industrial and manufacturing sectors for its GDP rations has yet again been receiving continued support from the private sector to boost the nation’s identity and what may seem as a step backward may be a step into the future.

Private entities are exploring options of the scenic landscapes of Trinidad and are capitalizing on developing five star resorts for visitors and tourists as well as locals. It seems  that an attempt to push the country back to a 1980’s status of resort ridden images of mass tourism that could create a tourist arrival boom yet destroy the harmony that coexists here may not be so  ideal. Even our tourist specialists and tourism research consultants might be spitting out their callaloo in uproar and  gasping at the blatant disregard for Butler’s Tourist Area Life Cycle (stages of destination in its tourism life cycle) or Plog’s theory ( type of tourists attracted to a destination). However, these entrepreneurs may be on to something when they decided to promote accessibility for locals in a staycation type campaign.


The inescapable terrors of last minute booking to our sister isle paradise can be soon subsided as new options promote secure, clean, green, attractive accommodations and entertainment for families, couples and friends who love to take the “lime” with them. Why not give back to the people who work hard to develop their nation, support their families and yes contribute to increasing the annual GDP? Don’t they deserve something nice that they can call their own that is not too far out of reach for them?

I think it’s about high time people woke up and smelled the “bush tea”. Come on man! Citizens who feel that they are part of a nation and that they contribute or can enjoy the fruits of their labour and feel proud of their destination will either instantly or eventually realize their role to pick up the slack and become their country’s brand ambassador and brother and sister’s keeper. Perhaps, bonuses include increased self esteem, ownership, sense of pride, more linkages, sense of belonging and  hopefully in the not so far future there will be more solidarity! (Well I guess we just have to watch and see how this turns out shall we?!)

lemon-grass-plant(lemon grass also called fever grass for fever grass tea)

The two resorts that I have seen pop up on the scene are Clifton Hill Beach Resort and Queen’s Beach Hotel and Holiday Resort Ltd. Queen’s has been opened in 2012 which is fairly recent and its location is in Mayaro.  Clifton Hill Beach Resort is in Point Fortin and has been gradually opening to the public as they complete each stage of development in 2014. The irony of these two locations may be that they are both located in oil and gas industrial districts yet exist in the ecosystem of  serene and beautiful beaches, southern hospitality, mouth watering cuisine and non stop activity. Locals can now explore their other avenues than guest houses and bed breakfast units.

Moreover, locals and tourists can actually mingle.Tourists can also benefit by getting a more authentic experience as they actually interact with the locals. Since Clifton Hill has been opened it has been receiving an overwhelming turn out from locals island wide. So all you have to do is take a road trip to the resort and check it out yourselves or try the age old ‘word of mouth’ reviews. “Trinis” are our own harshest critics( although I still think “Seeing is believing”).  So heads up Airport and Port  Authority you just might have a situation (no not the Jersey Shore dude with the Abs) when the skies get busy and the roles are reversed just a bit for our fellow “Tobagonians” courtesy the attack of the Trinidad Resort Bug!


In case you have been bitten please try to contact the following units immediately!!!!

1. Queens Beach Hotel and Holiday Resort

2. Clifton Hill Beach Resort

Meanwhile try to contact every possible friend and relative who may be able to help you with the following

My ‘Do Not Forget’ List

UV Sunglasses
Camera / Underwater Camera
Organic Sunscreen (I like organic)
Swim wear and glam wear (not necessary but the choice is  yours)
Open mind
Open heart
Leave your stress and worries at home
Add whatever else you want…


Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago