Meet the Bloggers


Who are bloggers?

Blogs are web logs. Bloggers are skilled professionals in search engine optimization, social media marketing, writing, editing, publishing posts, designing and maintaining the design. Mostly, they are very knowledgeable about their field of expertise or hobby area whether it may be fashion, design management, creative design, the arts, lifestyle branding. Often their perspective is unique. They can be corporate bloggers, hobbyists, activists, stylists and even personal bloggers. They can be male or female. Furthermore, what they bring to the table in terms of their vision is even more worthwhile.

11427938_838306806250646_2051844964_n 11334718_838306969583963_1552072769_n 11122562_838306866250640_1447625733_n(Featured Designer Brands from Exhibit A )

Why do we need them?

The frequency of blogger inclusion has infiltrated the modern era of marketing. Today there is little to zero marketing divide. The target market reach is global. The customer is at the finger tips of the business man/woman. Lifestyle organizations have already recognized this. Hence, the blogger becomes pertinent, useful and important. The bloggers have their own niches and fan base. They can market other brands and drive publicity levels to higher heights. They can also be very critical and the way of the world proves that positive reviews can lead to the beautiful start on customer loyalty, target market confidence and a functional marketing campaign. However, a negative review just may lead to the downfall of the product or service the company offers. The way in which this commentary is handled needs to be determined beforehand. A negative review can point to dire changes and bring attention to some concerns for product/service redesign for improvement.

11304471_838306892917304_1499937999_n 11208740_838306762917317_1445391959_n (More Designer Brands from Exhibit A)

What is the problem for bloggers?

One of the main problems for bloggers interested in making a job out of this is income generation. There are several opportunities to create revenue online for bloggers. Nonetheless, other requests for them to attend and do media coverage are met with insufficient compensation. Bloggers have expenses too especially to do media coverage or a review (travel expenses, cellphone, internet, wardrobe, makeup, hair, time for editing, publishing, marketing). It is the blogger’s decision to take on such a request with or without pay for whatever rationale (charity, passion, favor or whatever). However, they have been underrated and gone unrecognized for their hard work, effort, time and contributions to the social media landscape and their countries for too long. Their only support being their reader and follower fan base without aid from a legitimate body to advocate for some or any of their concerns.

What has Trinidad and Tobago done to aid this problem?

The first edition of the networking event “Meet the Bloggers” was launched on the 4th May 2015 at Home smack in the middle of Exhibit A ( a designer space curated by former Project Runway Winner, Anya Ayoung Chee for shopping, creating, networking). The event was used as a platform to connect the “behind the scenes” bloggers with the designers, their fans and the public. The free event also allowed the space for networking, collaborating and of course shopping/buying local. It was quite ironic that this promotional event promoted persons who pursue their own end of public relations in their stratosphere. It was also a strategic move to identify faces to names of these blogger brands in a more intimate community setting. Moreover, it was also wise to recognize bloggers as they are the underground movement working tediously and passionately to promote local and regional lifestyle and designer brands. This is the first time in Trinidad and Tobago’s history that the bloggers were given this type of credibility and recognition for their contribution. The event went on from 4pm – 7pm and it was sponsored by Ciroc and Johnny Walker Gold Reserve who provided cocktails for patrons.

mtbPhoto Courtesy: Exhibit A

Who were the Bloggers at the event?

Designer Island, is an elegant, intelligent online publication highlighting some of the best in Caribbean creative life. We are inspired by everything about island life: the landscape, the food, and the creatives and makers working in photography, design, art, fashion, food and literature. Sharing profiles meant to inspire and entertain. Founded in 2011 by designer Tanya Marie, to share the work of creative practitioners in Trinidad and the wider Caribbean. Designer Island has since expanded into a full online magazine, partnering with writers, editors and photographers.

Who we really are as a Caribbean people.
We show you our Caribbean, as we know it. It’s the way we live, work, play, create and think, all through the eyes of creatives living on an island,” Tanya Marie Williams.


Twodotpick is a platform where Shandelle Loregnard showcases her style, thoughts and inspirations to the public about Fashion. She fuses her Caribbean background with her New York experiences to create her unconventional daily looks on the blog.”


“A tale of 2 trini girls, (Marsha and Cherry) well women really, who are enjoying and discovering the beauty within and the beauty of the twin isles of Trinidad and Tobago. Primarily a food and fashion blog with a focus that spans local culture from our corner of the world.”


“Trinidad and Tobago is eagerly bursting with talent; hundreds of budding entrepreneurs
and artists who want to make it in the global fashion industry. As a Stylist and Owner of
an online department store which sells exclusively
Caribbean and Latin American brands, I observe the challenges, risks and triumphs of
our designers, creatives, and followers,” Stephanie Ramlogan

stephPhoto Courtesy: No More Fashion Victims Inc

“Guyanese Fashion Blogger, Critic and Shoe Fanatic. Putting my MSc to use in a Rad creole style since 2013 via The Online Runway. Basically encouraging Caribbean based Fashion Communication in a
blunt manner,” Ashma John


 The End?!

In a nutshell, Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean bloggers will continue to advocate, support and help revolutionize the social media landscape whilst still giving back to their host destinations. Meet the Bloggers is just one initiative that will hopefully spin off and inspire other initiatives to recognize the contribution and concerns of bloggers.

“Special thanks to Anya Ayoung Chee for this opportunity”