My Asian Persuasion – Passage to Asia

While trying to recover from the humidity last evening I got a random call to accompany some friends to the new and improved Passage to Asia restaurant. I had been there before a few years ago and my experience was a bit different. But I was also aware of some changes that were happening so I decided to get dolled up and head out with my pals!

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It did not take too long to find. It is conveniently located on Yves Street, Chaguanas. There was easy access to parking and security. The dining room is tastefully decked with a royal lure of chandeliers, carefully set dining tables, the aroma of spices and hues of the orient land. The west coat wearing, heavily accented waiters were quick and knowledgeable of menu items, suggestions. They were professional as well as very hospitable and polite. We did not wait too long to have our orders filled yet I think I had them waiting a bit since I could not decide between Indian, Thai or Chinese cuisine. So my friends opted to order for me. Everything comes in portion sizes that can be shared among groups. Hence, we decided to order this way. We ordered from the Indian cuisine section of the menu.

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Soon we got our yummy dishes of paneer( soulful food ), vegetable biriyani (spicy), chicken biriyani, chicken masala, fish in curry sauce (light, tender and delectable) and paratha roti (not buss up shot, this is filled with curry potato and warm spices). The smell was amazing (this was unlike the spices I use in my kitchen) this was authentic orient cuisine. Although the biriyani was a bit too spicy for me, I blame my change of diet (that has decreased my tolerance level for spicy foods). We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and even had leftovers to take with us. The bill was not too pricey considering the ingredients, the service and the experience.

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While waiting for our bill we were alarmed by an Indo  rendition of  happy birthday on their sound system to celebrate a customer’s birthday. The celebrant even got a cute candle lit cupcake for their celebrations. This was not all. We were also graced by the presence of a cohort of our local parliament. We were almost sure if we had waited a bit longer we probably would have even saw our Honourable Prime Minister. Passage to Asia is home to everyone. It has gotten a makeover that suited them best. I am liking the new image and it’s beauty is more than face value or skin deep. We will definitely return and try some new dishes perhaps Thai cuisine.

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