Passion Carnival Unleashes the "Amazon" for 2016

Traditionally, women of Carnival wore round necked, short sleeved blouses with skirts gathered and draped around the waist. They adorned their head with headscarves. They even joined their male counterparts in wearing masks. In 1858 white masks worn with costumes to hide blacks and coloureds from being identified for involvement in violence; the aftermath of the then Carnival parade. Women were found wearing satin dresses too.

In the 1920’s Carnival fell into hands of coloured middle class and the gay colourful free people. Pretty mas was also popular in the 1920’s and the black middle class joined the streets and respectable women played on the trucks disguised in pretty mas. There were all types of women to be found in streets for Carnival. This included Jamettes who were ill repute on charges for lewd behaviour. Then there were the high society women who wore elaborate costumes, embroidery, beads, braids, attend parties at private homes and elite whites paraded in small bands at elaborate balls; Government House, Prince’s Building, Queen’s Park Oval.

Fast forward to 1955 and short skirts were brought to Carnival streets when it was considered indecorous to show legs. This was the start of the bikini era as we came to know it. In 2016 there will be many costumes influenced by fashion and fashion influenced by costume. There will be continued concern for the creative direction of mas and costume comparability. Whilst striving to give into the high demand for this type of mas in these modern times by the increasingly younger masquerader population there is a relatively new band that balances this demand with the supply of creativity and design in Trinidad. Take a look at our question and answer segment with the band, Passion Carnival who will introduce their presentation for 2016; “Amazon” .

What is Passion Carnival?
Passion Carnival is one of Trinidad’s premium all-inclusive carnival bands.

Where is the mas camp located?

At #12 O’ Connor Street Woodbrook Port of Spain.


pc athenaATHENA

(Photo Courtesy Passion Carnival)

How long has it been in existence?
It was founded in 2014 by Dr. Anthony Harrysingh, Christian Nath and Mark Pagwandas and has since excelled in the industry.

pc zenobia


(Photo Courtesy Passion Carnival)

Why is Passion Carnival unique?
Passion takes pride in providing customers with excellent service, quality and an enjoyable carnival experience. We welcome old and new masqueraders to take part in the experience with us.

pc namora


(Photo Courtesy Passion Carnival)

Describe what amenities are available to persons playing with Passion Carnival?
As a premium all-inclusive band, we provide all amenities as follows:
• Premium bar and meals (snacks included)
• Washroom facilities on the road
• Full security detail
• Cool zone
• Passion branded Monday wear
• Passion souvenir bag
• Passion Rest and Refresh Zone- lunch service area and rest facility

pc mino


(Photo Courtesy Passion Carnival)

Explain the concept for “Amazon”  the 2016 presentation.
Our design team worked on creating a refreshing and modern line of costumes for masqueraders. The stunning pieces are all based on the concept of the amazon. We wanted to make the female costumes a bit more prominent and downplay the male costumes in comparison. This was done to emphasize the dominance and celebrate the strength of women.

augustina de aragon


(Photo Courtesy Passion Carnival)

Tell me more about the design of the costumes.
We recognize that masqueraders may have the want to tweak certain things on the costumes such as wanting high-waisted pieces, monokinis or wanting more or less fabric. Our design team would work with most requests as we want our customers to feel beautiful, be fully comfortable and be able to enjoy the experience of Carnival.

Who are your designers for this year’s launch?
The designers for 2016 include: Sonia Mack, René Williams, Ashvin Bally, Fazad Mohammed, Rajin Gopie, Calvin French, Alejandro Gomez and Noor.

Where can we find more information and register for Passion Carnival’s Amazon?

For all section pieces, you can go to

We are also on facebook

pc amazon