Rediscover yourself – The Personal Stylist Faux Pas


The ever popular desire for a personal stylist has often been seen as a luxury afforded by Hollywood Celebrities and VIP socialites. But rest assured this is far from the truth. Let me de-tangle the myths and get you up to date with the reality of this faux pas. Knowledge is power so prepare to be enlightened! The information you about to receive could change your life in home sweet home Trinidad forever. I suggest you be prepared to be blown away.

The Investment

A personal stylist is a professional in his / her science. Their job is to help you with your personal style.  This is an investment into your own branding identity. The stylist becomes familiar with your body type, skin tone, personality and uses their working knowledge of fashion to best advise you on what suits you and your personal brand identity. The guaranteed return on the investment of a personal stylist is significant.  After consultation with the stylist you do a shopping tour with them where they help select essential items that help build your wardrobe.

Once they are familiar with the you they can even do the shopping for you if you don’t have the time . Also, you gradually develop your confidence and sense of style. Soon you become your own expert based on the stylist’s tips and you can shop and save. Yes, you are no longer prone to the “must buy” sales and the trends alerts or fashion cycles that are just not for everybody. You save money and you have made an investment for life! Celebrities who claim to do it on their own usually had some styling advice whether they would like to admit it or not. Blake Lively constantly confesses her style is totally “DIY”. However, Eric Daman her Gossip Girl costume designer swears she’s the next Jackie -O and helps Blake out with her big events!

The Trini Stylist

Yes, we have stylists in Trinidad! They are certainly “no fly by night” professionals as these incredible people have been trained in their fields and have the credibility to boost their desirability as well. They can help you look better and make wiser decisions so you enjoy your new found life. Rediscover the real you and start living today!

Crystal Ivy London

cilThis chic started off as an intern then assistant and eventually a wardrobe stylist for designer icon Claudia Pegus . London became an image consultant and an aspiring designer at Ivy London Designs. She then worked with Caribbean Next Top Model’s Finale show where she arranged the outfits for the Show and managed the clothing for photo shoots as well as dressing models on location. Crystal became the head wardrobe stylist and host of Soca Monarch Fashion Police at Trinidad and Tobago’s International Soca Monarch. Do you all remember this where Trinidadian born celebrity Tatyana Ali became acquainted with our local designers?! Crystal certainly put Trinidad on the map!  Her experience took her further working as a wardrobe stylist at Filtered Fashion magazine, a leading fashion magazine in Trinidad and Tobago. Crystal Ivy London is certainly the stylist to be reckoned with as She continues to excel and make huge contributions to Trinidad and Tobago’s Fashion Industry.

Stephanie Ramlogan

stephThis stylist has her fair share of credentials to boast off which accentuate her resume and also make her repertoire exceptional. She started with her famous No More fashion Victims blog. Stephanie has a background in Spanish, International Relations and graduated from the  Caribbean Academy of Fashion Design with a second degree in Fashion Design. Moreover, she included schooling in personal fashion styling from the London College of Fashion. She became assistant to editor in chief at Trinidad Lookbook Magazine. Then she became an intern for Designer, Stylist and Creative Director Babatu Sparrow. Some of their projects included work for local designer icons Claudia Pegus, Meiling and famed photographers Laura Ferreira, Matthew Mora. Ramlogan’s credentials include styling for Soca Star Kees Diffenthaler, Canadian Soca Star Logun,  Collis Duranty as well as international models Leah Marville and Michelene Auguste. As an image consultant she did a presentation during Administrative Professional Week themed “ Dressing for Success”. Another successful project was the recent  Women’s Confidence and Empowerment session. Overall, Stephanie’s mission is to make clothes reflect a woman’s inner radiance! She continues to expand her knowledge and expertise in this field.

Welcome to my country! Welcome to Fashion Destination Trinidad and Tobago !

These are just two of the many stylists that are at your service. They not only have a passion for fashion but a love for all things Trinbagonian and that includes you! Make the investment today that you won’t forget for life!