Simply Decadence Ltd – A Premier Gourmet Cafe

I guess you can say I have a “thing” for cafes.  I am not too sure why but I believe it has something to do with my love for mini escapades into a world of soulful delicacies and old world charm (perhaps too much Breakfast at Tiffany’s ha ha). I am such a café fanatic that the minute I see or get whim that a new café is being launched it is inevitable that the café will be on my “must visit soon” list.  I usually visit the south land ever so often every month. Every time I notice a few changes to the scene.  Over the last few months I would see this purple and gold sign with the words Simply Decadence Ltd. Immediately, my thoughts were “oh wow a dessert café in Point Fortin finally someone did it!”  Obviously, this place made it on my list and I eventually got to stop by and get the “inside scoop” (no pun intended).

sd(Photo credit: Simply Decadence Ltd. Facebook Page)


 Simply Decadence Ltd.


#18 Adventure Road Point Fortin (Next to Colfire)


Gourmet Food and Treats (savory and sweet)


Catering for all occasions

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Coffee

Contact Information



When I visited the café I chatted with one of the owners, Karon Felmine. I found out that the business is family owned. They have been in the catering industry for years prior to opening the cafe.  This café was one of Karon’s dreams since 2012. In July 2016 there was an opportunity to realize this dream when the perfect spot became available. Karon and her family took advantage of the opportunity and today the community of Point Fortin and environs can enjoy being part of the dream.

Café Hours

Tuesdays to Wednesdays breakfast from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Thursdays it is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Fridays and Saturdays it is open from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sundays it is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The design aesthetic of Simply Decadence Ltd is kept simple with hues of blue, cream, grey and brown. Plant centrepieces adorn  wood tables. Some candles replace the plants on the table that serves as the focal point for the lounge seating area. The lounge area heightens the rustic vibe with its basket weave elements and beige cushions. The lighting is not too bright or too dim for anyone to catch up on some reading whilst having their coffee. The design  layout strikes a balance between an earthy and a modern ambience with a daytime city skyline backdrop on one of the walls. There is also television and wifi. The café area is clean and well maintained.


Lounge Area

(Photo Credit: David Wears)

Patrons can choose from continental breakfast on mornings. At other times there are local selections of Bees ice cream flavours, punches, hot drinks, smoothies, blended coffees, sandwiches, savory appetizers and decadent desserts. Karon says that they try to offer something different  from the regular menu that patrons can get anywhere else. While I was at the café peanut ice creams with toppings and a chocolate cupcake were the items purchased from the menu by the persons in my pax. They thoroughly enjoyed their orders!


(Photo Credit: David Wears)


(Photo Credit: David Wears)


(Photo Credit: David Wears)

I am excited to see the development and progress yet to come for Karon and her family with this new venture. The hospitality is overwhelming and the staff is so friendly. My guests and I were complete strangers to Karon (since we had not met her before) yet we were treated like family. I will continue to recommend Simply Decadence Ltd to many persons who wish to walk in and get away from the city bustle, to celebrate a special occasion, to enjoy quality and affordable gourmet delights, to choose Simply Decadence Ltd as a potential caterer and to list them as a prime option for foreigners and locals visiting Point Fortin.

Congratulations Karon


Best Wishes