St. Peter’s Day


This weekend saw the Christian world over celebrate the 29th of June as the birthday of  Peter the fisherman and former Apostle to Jesus. This  is met with much anticipation on the Trinidad and Tobago isles of fete and frivolity! The Seafood Industry Development Company boasts that the local marine fisheries sector in 2005 contributed TT$ 63 million to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. There are 67 landing sites in Trinidad and 32 in Tobago. It is without a doubt that  episcopal church services in the Roman Catholic communities as well as its denominations continued this year with fishermen receiving their blessing from the parishes.  However, this year a 30 foot statue of Saint Peter was unveiled at newly named St. Peter’s Square in Moruga. After all Saint Peter is the patron saint of the fishermen so some recognition was definitely long overdue.


In addition, hundreds of islanders of all races and religions still turned out to the  festivities at the shores and bays of fishing villages island wide for beach parties, fun activities, delectable fish and food! The fishing village of Cedros in the south western peninsula of Trinidad is famous for this particular fete. People from all over the island come to Manmohansingh Park at St. Marie village in Cedros. The crowd thickens every year with cars lining the streets, vendors setting up shop and Dj’s on the beach hosting the inaugural “fishermen fete” Other parts of the island like Carenage had their annual cultural presentations, fish broths and danced away with frivolity, gaiety and unity. Maracas Bay is also known for its parties and their annual fishing boat race to the shores . This was another favourite this year.


So next time you journey to the island be sure to participate in the free fun filled fisherman’s fete! You’ll be grateful!