Styling & Speaking

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Travel Styling

Are you guilty of leaving styling and packing as the last things to check off on your "to do" list before your trip? Do you feel like if you had some guidance, you would be able to style your looks better and feel more confident about your image?

Don't worry! You are not alone. There are many others who feel the same way. It's okay to ask for help. Trust the experts who are trained and experienced in styling to guide you.

Booking a virtual styling session means you are finally taking the leap to put your best self first. The virtual styling process is so flexible and easy. Simply request your booking, fill in the requirements, meet your stylist virtually, receive your style guide, explore your existing options or shop new looks and get ready to slay on your next trip.


Personal Styling

Your signature style is just part of the mark you leave on this world and the impression you make when you enter or leave a room, or virtual conference call. It's your visual storyboard that breathes life into the real time snapshot of your identity. It's your "Hello world! It's me !"

A personal stylist works with you to help you find the design aesthetic that fits and suits you. The stylist works remotely to close the gap between looking and feeling like your best self. Fabrics, colours, skin tones, body shapes and your incredible personality are just some of the things considered in styling sessions. Extra care is made to ensure attention to client comfort is not compromised.

Our clients are professional men and women who trust us to help with the rebrand of their image. Sometimes they want to make a better impression professionally so they can make a stronger impact with their audience. At other times they have virtual conferences and they care about their appearance and how potential investors, clients and their community would receive them (even if they are working from home). On the other end of things, some of them are transitioning in different life phases and they need help to navigate this uncertain time. Regardless of their rationale, they all have one thing in common, that they are open to and ready for change.


Public Speaking

At some point in your life you are going to speak publicly. It may include the media and feature live or pre-recorded interviews. You might have to write and recite a speech at a social gathering, to present before your board of directors or to give a motivational talk to your alma mater. The reasons and possibilities are infinite but generally serve to inform, motivate, influence and communicate.

Our qualified and experienced public speaking coach will work with you to become more confident in your public speaking skills. This skill will boost your self esteem, help to differentiate yourself from others, increase your ability to articulate your thoughts, to better communicate your ideas and perspectives, improve your personal development, increase your knowledge base and extend to other areas of your life such as leadership, career and social life.