Summer Love – Romance Isle Tobago


So while the Brits are swooning, cuddled up and smooching in their parks we remember its summer time. While we do not quite have summer here we have two seasons and our July / August months are mistakenly and affectionately called summer. It’s that time of the year where we profess our love for the beach, the cooler parties and band launches and yes as the latest reggae/ dancehall and soca vibes have been crooning “couple up” season. There is no sweeter place to “couple up” than Trinidad and Tobago.So this time around I will definitely say cheers to our sister isle Tobago.


Unlike the party hard sister isle of Trinidad, our Tobagonian counterpart is better known for the most photographed jetty in the world. It has the more laid back attitude and even more gorgeous ambiance of coral reef waters and a very irie romance vibe. The beautiful thing about Tobago is this Summer love can last a life time because these favourable weather conditions exist year round! So you can let the beach waves romance you and dive into the spunky activities on the island like kite surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling. “Couple up” and sail out on a sunset cruise that ends with a beach party. Don’t forget to savor the warm sunsets while horseback riding on the beach or swim with the horses while the Caribbean breeze plays with your hair. An island tour can be done in a day so escape to your romance destination today.


If you are worried about dining options you can relax. The isle has intercontinental, Italian, German, French cuisines, island seafood and due to several indigenous influences it still has its own signature dishes such as curry crab and dumpling.  Cocoa Estates, hoteliers, cafes and restaurants like  Ciao Cafe or  King’s Bay Cafe has enough menu options to keep you and that special someone steeped in interest so there is never a dull moment. So be sure to check out our food review experts online at Trinichow and make your checklist for your future visit to Romance Isle Tobago.


Summer Love is in the air and you have your ticket in hand already but you are unsure about your accommodation. This totally depends on your couple personality. Yes I said it couple personality! If you want to rediscover your romance and spark your love’s interest there are a plethora of options on the island with some unique twists. If you are searching for an eco resort then check out the salt water pool at the main eco resort on the island  at Cuffie River Nature Retreat which is situated near one of  the oldest rainforests in this side of the hemisphere, The Main Ridge. Cuffie River  is the eco tourism resort model on the island and also an award winning resort for its sustainability. However, if you are interested in holistic wellness and spiritual bonding then you need to check out Kariwak  which has complimentary yoga and tai chi sessions. Also they won the table talk food award for best lunch this year. Other than that there are luxury options such as The Villas at Stonehaven or The Magdalena Grand situated on  an elegant golf course and former plantation.


An underwater love affair awaits my diving buddies in Tobago. My  scuba diving fanatics, the Manta Lodge is your scuba haven. Tobago has several prized diving locations that are also available throughout the year. Mostly, the coral reef protects it from bad weather conditions and change in under water climate. . This island has been dubbed the Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe Island . The details in the author’s book suggest the island is near the mouth of the Great  “Orinoque” River. The 4th edition of Defoe’s book depicts a map of an island within 2 degrees latitude of Tobago.  Crusoe’s ship is shown sailing on the North Coast of Brazil heading  toward  Barbados but also being in line with the ship wreck at Rockly Bay on the South West coast of Tobago. So this could very well be the Robinson Crusoe island. Get ready to be enchanted!


So darlings your summer love awaits you! Do savor the moment an act upon love’s true quest! Come to Romance Isle !

Come to Tobago Today!