The Best Weekend Ever is Not Coachella

The world over is getting ready for The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival (affectionately called Coachella). It is held at the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. It is the most talked about event for spring breakers, hippies, wannabe hippies, cultural/art enthusiasts and celebrities. It’s a time when Spring fashion trends come out of their hiatus to thrill the gawking fashionistas and stylists with inspiration. If you have no idea what I am talking about perhaps you recall North West’s first birthday bash. She enjoyed a Coachella themed party hosted by the Kardashian tribe.


Perhaps you remember these photos of Selena Gomez and her “besties” enjoying the raves with top notch and small bands performing in genres from hip hop, rock, independent and electronic dance music whilst sparking fashion trends. Well either way this year Coachella takes place from April the 15th to April 24th 2016. So I guess it may be safe to say Coachella does not happen over the weekend so it can never be the best weekend ever (it actually spans a rough two weeks and). Moreover, the world over that has been there and done that are looking for something new to experience.


Well some of you are looking for a more intimate, cultured experience. You want to expose yourselves to new culture, cuisine, creative art, music and people. Also some of you would rather relish in doing this amid the backdrop of an exotic island whilst still “doing good” by following sustainable principles and best practices there. In addition, celebrating peace, love and unity with family, old friends and new ones all in one weekend getaway may just be your ‘cup of tea.’


Where am I taking you?
So let me introduce you to your next festival destination, a twin island state called Trinidad and Tobago. It is the most cosmopolitan island in the West Indies. It is the most southern island at the end of the chain of the West Indies close to the Amazon Forest and Venezuela. It is one of the few places on this planet where the locals are bonded by their love for culture in different ethnic cuisines, music, festivals and celebrations. This tropical island boasts of vibrant and infinite talent in their creative industry; fashion, music, art, food and even fun.

In fact, there is an organization in Trinidad called New Fire which is responsible for curating a series of musical concerts each month to showcase new music and progressive culture. New Fire is an initiative under the non-profit social enterprise called The Trinidad and Tobago Bridge Initiative. This year they are putting their mark on the local festival scene to promote a signature of theirs called New Fire Festival 2016. The team at New Fire has dubbed it, “The Best Weekend Ever”.

New Fire Festival 2016 is carded for 26th and 27th of March 2016 at Sanderson Park in Freeport Trinidad. The event promises outstanding live performances, outdoor camping (under the stars ), yoga, a midnight rave and a local shopping market featuring artisans, artists and fashion. There will be family zones, a pottery talkshop, a drum circle and musical acts from reggae to rock. All of the activities at New Fire Festival are pitted on the concept of sustainability. This includes upcycled shopping but is certainly not limited to that alone. Patrons interested in purchasing food are advised to bring reusable food containers as the New Fire team wants to reduce as much waste as they can that may harm the environment.

The partners for this event are also keepers and leaders of organizations that promote sustainability. Some of these include Wa Samaki Ecosystems (permaculture restoration), Upmarket (artisan market), Sun Eaters Organics (high quality local food products and gourmet chocolate), Soular (plantain and cocoa nibs), Sonara Sound Therapy, INIPIS (sustainable human involved planetary systems), I Am Movement (distributing information and providing workshop facilitators), Anugraha Yoga, Akasha Studio and Destination Chocolate.

fire dance


new fire fest

There are different types of tickets available. Persons can choose from various options the type of experiences they mostly prefer and enjoy.If you would like to find out more on tickets and about The Best Weekend Ever then please have a look at the links below.

So whatever you decide I wish you the best weekend ever!!!


Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago