The Nest Visitors Accommodation

birdBasically, this bed and breakfast chateau is easily accessible, affordable and exonerating. I have known the property owner for some years and it is safe to say his guests are undeniably in some of the most hospitable hands of the south land. Rarely, you would meet a proprietor who has developed a business for their genuine passion; travel, hospitality, tourism and people than monetary gain. I believe this is what sets him apart from the other operators. This love and passion is transferred to  business caricature by extension client and owner relationships. This is a service industry; hospitality and tourism so people remember how you make them feel!

locationThe Nest Visitors Accommodation is located at Hunte Street, De Gannes Village Siparia. Yes Siparia the neighbour to “Barra Town” or Debe Food Stalls, Fun Splash Water Park, La Divina Pastora ( The Black Madonna) and Daisy Voisin, a former parandero. This culturally steeped community is nestled in the countryside of the south land. However, it is certainly not all quaint as one can be at the heartbeat of the bustling commercial centre and local farmers’ market in two minutes. Other towns and areas are also easily accessible from there.

2014-09-01 13.23.48At The Nest Visitors Accommodation there are 3 self contained units for the guests. Each room can hold between one to four persons. Each apartment has a kitchenette, dining area, common area, toilet and bath, cable television, air conditioning, free wi-fi, hot and cold shower. The first unit has washing facilities. There is off street parking. The local police units are only five minutes away. It is a safe area for guest who want to escape and relax in their own nest.  The rooftop view is simply amazing as on clear sky days one can see the breathtaking San Fernando Hill. Also, guests can request meals, pick ups and guided tours if they need to since these amenities are available. The rates are usually from USD$50.00 – USD$70.00 but this may depend on the season. The Nest Visitors Accommodation can also be used to facilitate your next event.

apt 2 2014-09-01 12.18.32So far The Nest Visitors Accommodation attracts many international guests researchers, couples, families, culture enthusiasts and local “staycationers”. So if you have not been there yet I recommend you go check them out!


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