The Sophisticated Destination Bride by Charu Lochan Dass

Destination brides have bridal identities too! Just because the bride is having a destination wedding does not always mean that she will be clad in typical resort wear of typical materials and shades of white.  Obvious images that grace the cover of some wedding magazine or cover story with exclusive photos of the random celebrity and her destination wedding in her common tropical inspired wedding dress comes to mind .  However stop for a minute or two and recollect that under this façade is a living person who has likes and dislikes, who has their own culture and experiences which have played a huge part in forming their identity (apart from their parents’ DNA). Now that you know this information think of the identities in your girls squad or circle or whatever you all call it these days. Are the identities as colourful as a rainbow? Can you find the tomboy, the girly girl, the hippie, the feminist, the “bourgeoisie” ? If the answer is yes then you can understand my train of thought.  Simply, brides have identities. Although destination weddings may allot some restrictions to brides in terms of choice of materials for climate this does not exempt the destination bride from having a bridal identity. Charu Lochan Dass is a designer based in Trinidad and Tobago. CLD is the name of her fashion house. She creates clothing inspired by women and her niche caters to their distinct identities. Undeniably, she will be featured here because of her unsurpassed empathy for identities as it relates to the destination bride.

Charu Lochan Dass was born in India and brought to Trinidad to live at an early age of six years. She grew up in Trinidad for some formative years of her life and later returned to India to pursue her studies in Business Administration. She left India again to study Fashion Design and Marketing at London College of Fashion. This decision to change fields was not the result of an overnight epiphany. Charu was exposed to creative thinking and creative design as a child. She developed a flair for the artsy field. In her teen years she converted her mother’s intricate Indian hand woven table runner into a belt. Moreover, Charu  spent some time with one of her aunts in India who operated a fashion boutique. Charu would take her ability to sketch designs there and bring them to life via execution of the design plans. When she returned to Trinidad she would start up her retail boutique. Yet, she would not stop there she was always at the grind designing and launching collections. Finally CLD the atelier was launched at #55 Gallus Street Woodbrook in Trinidad. CLD made its debut and its contribution to the local landscape then it began its journey to take over the fashion globe. The designer’s aesthetic had such a worldly appeal that the brand has stamped its name in fashion markets as far as Amsterdam and Spain ( sold exclusively at BoutiKm5 in Ibiza). Charu’s inspiration comes from almost anything that moves her soul. Nonetheless, the CLD brand exudes sophistication, elegance, poise, sensuality, feminine wiles and characteristics that accentuate the silhouette of the woman. Charu’s collections range from prêt a porter, bridal to resort. Often the fabrics Charu work with for these collections are silk, lace, chiffon and georgette to name a few. These types of materials allow for the movement of the clothing. Her designs come alive and sway with the wind and movement of the woman.

CLD’s recent collection is great for the destination bride who associates herself with that sophisticated bridal identity.  This destination bride does not need to hassle herself with bridal attire. If I were to describe this type of bride I would say she maintains a bridal identity that is a paradox. Her sophistication is fierce yet charming. This equates adjectives for the modern day woman who is also a destination bride. Her wedding and wedding moon pieces can be found at CLD. She can even go ahead and postpone her “bridezilla” coronation and opt for the “bridechilla” role and become the queen of “bridechilla” village with this new solution. The bridal resort collection strikes a chord with grace and empowerment. Destination brides can embrace a collection that features minimal patterns, bell bottom pant suits, peplum tops, capes, A-line, sheath and trumpet silhouettes which are flattering for most body shapes. Inherent to this collection are signature CLD details that highlight Charu’s exposure to creative culture. In addition CLD launched “Satya” an Indo fusion fashion collection for the modern woman. The timing is perfect as brides can find more variety to add to their bridal wardrobe and resort collection!! Notwithstanding, CLD also offers seamstress services  for destination brides who need a few adjustments to their choices. The cuts and styles work well for the bride hosting her destination wedding in Trinidad and Tobago. Albeit the destination bride can also work with the designer with her own design in mind and together they can bring this idea to a reality.  The decision to choose CLD would be a consequence of wise investment thinking as these designs are high quality, unique yet functional.

The CLD brand is powerful. It transcends epochs and stands out as the epitome of the new age destination bride. Women of any colour, social class, culture and background who identify with the caricature of the sophisticated woman can wear CLD.  Charu understands the women who are future destination brides, bridal party members and guests. She connects with them through these designs. In addition, Charu recently tied the knot and is living the wedded life so she has more experience and perspective to add to her destination bridal design etiquette and fervor. The bridal party and guests can also benefit from choosing CLD, the bride’s new found designer binge. Everyone can browse through the many resort and prêt a porter collection from CLD to put together their attire. Their one of a kind outfit would definitely stand out. They would be taking a labour of love with them when they return to their host country. The versatility of the pieces would allow them to wear these clothing for several other occasions. The wearer does not have to worry about looking out of place or being over dramatic as these designs were created with the woman in mind and it resonates with trends that ensure a global appeal.

Fashion designers in Trinidad and Tobago do not mass produce as the major fashion houses in other fashion destinations. Hence, when the destination bride chooses a local designer such as CLD she can bet that she will be helping to support small micro economic enterprises, diversifying the destination’s economy (via sales), distributing a multiplier effect  and circulation of dollars in that economy, diversification of the local tourism product. At the same time she gets to experience the creative process and by product of creative thinking and design that is handmade, created from the depth of the artisan’s soul , curated with individual aesthetic and customized with love just for her.  The dynamics, rationale and advantages of buying local for a destination bride are undisputed and outstanding.  So whether the bride is planning for her betrothal, destination wedding or wedding moon CLD is brand she should consider looking up and scheduling a bridal consultation for herself and her girl squad. When all goes well she can enlist the brand at her bridal shower or in her wedding invitation for the attendees to also sneak a peek at CLD’s designs and make their own preparations. Finally, this would ease some of the drama out of the bride’s life and she can breathe a sigh of relief whilst checking off these items from her wedding list.

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