Trader Jack’s Island Grill; My "Food – Cation"

piratefoodThere is discovery of epicurean delights throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Some of these treasures are hidden in plain sight like Trader Jack’s Island Grill at Movietowne Port of Spain. This is a themed restaurant inspired by the legend of Trader Jack; the merchant who got lost in a hurricane and landed on a Caribbean island where he established a lucrative business trade. This is not so far fetched as this happened between the 1930’s and 40’s yet the restaurant evokes emotions of  an era where his business would have been thriving, oil would have been booming and tourists would be seen cruise lining to Trinidad as depicted in the pictures in the restaurant. There are ponds with turtle, fish, trees, dried thatch like roofs for that exotic and natural island vibe. The seats, bar and dining areas are in sync with the nature isle aesthetic.

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Of course, I can never make up my mind when we go out  because I see and want too much! But when I saw Trader Jack’s there was no hesitation that this would be my choice. It looked like a restaurant at a resort hotel except at a multiplex which is awesome. Definitely, this is a first I have seen here in Trinidad.  You need to see it to believe it too! I highly recommend it. The prices are reasonable for the high quality and great quantity of food that we ordered. The service was humble and hospitable. My most unforgettable food experience that day was Trader Jack’s for making me feel like I got to unwind and relax without leaving the country like a staycation but a “food-cation” !