Travel with a Purpose

We have dedicated part of our travel and lifestyle ethos to focus on wellness tourism. This niche is defined by tourists "who travel to maintain manage or improve wellbeing. It is motivated by a desire for healthy living, disease prevention, stress reduction, management of poor lifestyle habits and or authentic experiences. Activities are proactive, voluntary, non-invasive, and non-medical in nature," (Global Wellness Institute, Global Wellness Tourism Economy, November 2018.)

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The Purpose Party Tour

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Inspired by our Purpose Party podcast, we take the party on tour. Share incredible experiences with us as we party with a purpose. Join us!


Self guided group retreats permit the purpose seeker flexibility and freedom to escape to a space where they can retreat to return to love in their own time.

Be The Change!

CSR aligns with our wellness tourism niche. We work with staff to teach them tools and strategies that help them to cope with life.


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