Trinidad Fashion Run – The Carnival Fashion Tour

Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago will be having their third fashion tour on the 30th January 2016. This year the event is called Trinidad Fashion Run. The event coincides with Trinidad’s Carnival season. Hence it is the intention of the company to feature Carnival costuming and its huge impact on fashion in Trinidad and vice versa. Fashion and Carnival affect and effect each other as they make up an exclusive part of Trinidad’s fashion history and fashion landscape to date.

There will be four fashion stops on this tour all inclusive of light refreshments, gifts, giveaways and games. Again the mission is to diversify the local tourism product by promoting creative tourism via development and execution of these local fashion tours for domestic and international tourists. Subsequently, this “buy local” campaign is hoped to create diversity and sustainability of the economy.

Caribbean fashion lifestyle department store and a former fashion tour show stopper; Blue Basin will be making a return to the itinerary. The appeal of the true Caribbean can be felt at this  stopover. In the majority, the owner and the exclusive addition of ethical and quality designed clothing and accessories can account for this. Menswear is also popular here with brands like Urban Militia, RGG, Red Gold and Green.

The second stop is dedicated to the evolution of Carnival costuming so there will be a stop at Passion Carnival Mas Camp. The squad of designers behind the “Amazon” presentation aimed at strength and dominance of the woman for next year’s Carnival presentation. These designers include Sonia Mack, Rajin Gopie, Rene Williams, international photographer Calvin French, internationally recognized hair stylist Ashvin Bally, fashion designer Noor, Fazad Mohammed and Alejandro Gomez. The face of Passion Carnival 2016 is Heidi Andrews, Miss Global International Queen 2015.

The third stop is at Exhibit A, the designer space curated by former Project Runway winner Anya Ayoung Chee. It offers emerging and established designers a home for retail of their designs. However, in the spirit of Carnival the store will be transformed in Canyaval which is the Carnival Monday Wear brand and collection under the purview of Anya Ayoung Chee. Carnival Monday Wear is the latest addition to Trinidad’s fashion scene.

canyaval anya
The final fashion stop takes the patron down memory lane with a trip to Mas’ Rebellion. They are making their first debut next year on the streets for Carnival. The Mas’ Rebellion team has inculcated creative director Keir Roopnarine as well as the industrial designer, illustrator and writer Ayodhya Ouditt into their talent base for their design aesthetic and narrative on Heroes or Villains in the United States of Trinidad.

mr anim

The tour is hosted by Ashanna Arthur, Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2009. It is carded to start at 10 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m. Tickets are only TTD$200.00 per person

(Photo Credit: Gary Jordan Photography)

ashanna model

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