Trinidad wedding trends


“What is there in the vale of life.

Half so delightful as a wife

When friendship, love and peace combine

To stamp the marriage bond divine.”

William Cowper



Welcome to a promise of heaven on earth. Participate in the most unforgettable rite of passage that many foresee but only few achieve. Seek every couple’s fantasy amid the backdrop of God’s divine tropical tapestry. Intricate perfection is crafted by Cupid in a kaleidoscope of exotic flora, fauna and romantic sunsets. Let Aphrodite’s “savoir faire” introduce you to the infinite dimensions of oriental cultures to western swaggers in a posited reflection of Trinidad, The True Caribbean. A wedding destination of cascading beauty has been “el secreto guardado mejor del mundo” for too long. Trinidad wedding trends guide the consecration of couple’s “isledo.”

Trinidad’s diverse culture envisages for an affluent experience brazened in priceless traditions and present trends. The Hindu marriage reflects origins of the islands Indian ancestors. It remains a three day celebration. Friday Night commences “maticor night”  for ladies and the bride.  A “hardi ceremony” follows with the sanctification of the bride in turmeric treatments for impurities and a natural glow. Saturday night is the “cooking night and Sunday is the wedding day where more rituals are carried out. The celebration highlights sweet and savoury Indo Caribbean dishes and festive music.

The muslim wedding ceremony or nicah provides for a mutual agreement to marry via social contract. The groom offers dowry to the bride as his commitment. The kubtah or ceremony is performed by the imam following a celebration. The catholic marriage ceremony entails Christianity beliefs from the Spanish colonizers. Couples exchange vows, rings, ignite a Unity candle, nuptial blessings, sign the marriage certificate and are pronounced as man and wife. These are some of the wedding trends in Trinidad.

Undoubtedly, bridal couture has changed Trinidad trends. The white dress sees additions such as frills and ruffles. While strapless dresses refuse to be dominated by shoulder cover ups there is an emergence of straps and sleeves. The Islamic bridal gown has been designed with a Victorian flair; beads, golden embroidery, feathers and fur line gowns with hues of gold, white and cream.

In addition, trends have blossomed in an effervescence of trio colour combinations. Famous designers showcased new wedding styles.

Moreover, the financial crisis has impacted wedding trends in Trinidad. This crisis stimulated eco friendly, cost effective and creative ideas. Couples settled for intimate settings at home. Also, natural materials favoured décor and wedding favors. Foliage, cloth and flowers are used more than paper and balloons. Nevertheless, the latter décor still finds its place at indoor sites. Wedding Favors utilize themed candles and chocolate and a purse fetish. Place cards assume photo frames, recyclable paper and shells.

The three tiered cake is constant but more creative with Trinidad’s Kiss Baking Company who realizes every couple’s fantasy.

Simply, these trends are embraced as two hands are joined and two hearts beat as one.

You were born together, and together you shall be for evermore….but let there be spaces in your togetherness. And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.
Kahlil Gibran