Trinidad – Wine Country?!

Trinidad and Tobago has been earmarked, “the party island”. It is worth noting that we are often affectionately referred to as “The Land of Rum”.  While we are not known as a wine country ( except if we were talking about the dance form “wining” but we are not) ‘Trinbagonians’ have produced their own local wines for quite some time. This country has also imported our wines to fit the increasing demand for this supply. The importation of wines are infamous with the booming local food and beverage industry. The restaurants and retail wine shops provide a taste of home for the many nationalities that reside in this multicultural twin island state. In addition, it gives the ‘Trinbagonian’ national the opportunity to travel around the world in a sip, a glass and of course a bottle. This suggests that  in the future perhaps Trinidad may adopt yet another nickname for the love of wine.


There are quite a handful of wine retailers over the East to West corridor of Trinidad. So one can imagine the trials and tribulations one would endure to get there from the south or central parts of Trinidad just to acquire a decent bottle of wine. ( Of course, there are wines and other liquors sold at selected supermarkets and convenience stores.) However, the growing niche of persons interested in selection, premium quality, taste and variety is left in some sort of bewilderment at the lack of a nearby wine shop especially if they do not ‘ply’ the East/West Corridor often.

Thankfully someone realized this very need and TNT Wine Cellars opened their doors at A1 Atlantic Plaza in Point Lisas last year. This is the first wine shop in Central Trinidad. The owner and founder of TNT Wine Cellars has over ten years experience in the auction of wines in the U.S.A. This experience has been channeled in a creative way to the opening of TNT Wine Cellars. The store is chic and small but fits the need in Central Trinidad. The layout is not too stereotypical or bourgeoisie. Most of the furniture is sustainable as they are made from wine crates. There is an artistic flair and a vivacious energy bursting out from the very walls, doors and shelves of the  wine store.

door(Door made from wine crate)

This is not a snob like wine retailer. It is a place for the convening of novice wine souls to the aged sommelier. The funky youth, the chic and classy metropolitan to the man on the street wishing to purchase a bottle of wine in the celebration of some special occasion in his life are all welcomed. The prices are affordable as the people of Trinidad and Tobago and the inherent economy were taken into consideration before the start of this venture.


The concept of the shop is wine focused with a few extras such as accessories, champagnes and other alcoholic spirits. There is online shopping, an order and pick up service and even delivery service. They also cater to special events. The customer service is warm. The staff is very knowledgeable as the customer can always get a consultation on the type of wine to buy before purchase.


So if you are in the area feel free to check them out Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

They were open today for their Father’s Day sale from 10:00 am until 3:00 p.m.