About us

Our Approach

The nature of this business is creativity; a divine, untouchable energy that is gifted to persons who are purposed to create. We pride ourselves on using a sustainable approach and nurturing gradual growth. We strive to use local stakeholders to provide for more linkages and less leakage. A clustering technique is applied by grouping stakeholders from spin off industries for mutual benefits. We focus on high quality of service by screening all stakeholders. Often we review business practices and processes. We care about people and aim to improve lifestyles using creative design and innovation to create impressions that last.


Our Story

The owner of this company is one of a twin. She was born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s.  This boss lady vicariously learned about fashion, styling and beauty culture from her relatives and the many fashion magazines she  had access too whilst growing up . After pursuing her BSc. International Tourism Management she landed an internship in Jamaica with Sandals Resorts Montego Bay.   When she returned to Trinidad she had a burning desire to use her knowledge and skills to make an impact on the local tourism scene. Daunted by the cruelty of some and the bare corruption of others she decided to open her own company and do things on her own.

She began to travel to tourism destinations to understand tourism products more. Naturally, she gravitated to creative markets, fashion, lifestyle and shopping. She grew fond of the creative industries particularly the positive changes in the fashion industry and landscape.  The psychology of fashion and the power of creative design fascinated this individual to pursue a Master of Arts in Creative Design and Entrepreneurship. Her area of study hinged on creative tourism as the way forward for diversification of the local tourism product. Today, she is an interior designer and creative party stylist who is fostering positive change in her destination through creative tourism initiatives such as fashion and lifestyle tours as well as creating spaces through her interior design and styling services.


How is our brand successful?

Whilst it means a lot to us to execute our initiatives immaculately we feel that our brand is more successful when it achieves its purpose. Often patrons identify the brand with helping them to think creatively, to feel a sense of belonging, national pride, increased self esteem and increased cultural awareness. They have realized that by their participation and purchase of local fashion and lifestyle experiences and interior design or creative party styling services that they are indeed helping a small business, the economy and assisting in the diversification of tourism. So we feel that the brand is also successful when we accomplish these things.