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Virtual Experiences

Connect from virtually anywhere in the world to our destination and engage in our soulful experiences that empower. Get ready to reset, renew and realign with experiences that inspire you to :

Gain Clarity Through Visualization - Vision Board Party - Vision Board Party Brochure

Gain Awareness Through Introspection - 7 Day Virtual Retreat - Virtual Retreat Brochure

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Self Guided Experiences

There is something innately beautiful about self love, self care and rediscovery of self that pivots around the alignment of body, mind and soul. Our self guided experiences are for the solo traveler but do not exclude those who wish to upgrade from a party for one. Reset, Renew and Realign with experiences that prompt you to:

Self Care - Spa Party - Spa Party Brochure

Be Mindful - Blind Tasting Party - Blind Tasting Experience Brochure

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Exclusive Experiences

Our exclusive experiences are tailored to you and your private party.

We have etched a name for our brand in the hearts of the people as a curator of bespoke fashion, lifestyle and creative experiences. Discover Trinidad and Tobago differently when you get up close and personal with the creative powerhouses in the collective creative community. Learn vicariously about our design history and culture whilst provoking your creative mind and feeding your soul with creative conversation and experiences.  Reset, Renew and Realign with adventures curated to:

Spark Your Ingenuity and Liberate Creativity - Fashion Tour Brochure